boundless cfx 2 cfv 2 and new desktop

Boundless CFX 2.0, CFV 2.0 and Desktop Revealed!

Boundless dropped some big news on their Live Stream Friday evening – 3 brand new vapes are coming our way! We’re collecting all the details we can and gathering all the information right here on our Blog. Keep in mind all three of these vaporizer designs are still in development so any features or specifications could change before release.

The Boundless CFX 2.0

The first new model teased was the Boundless CFX 2.0, a big update to the original Boundless CFX portable. The CFX 2 is planned for release in October and it’s completely adjustable between convection and conduction to perfectly fit any preference. Here are all the details and specs we have on the CFX 2.0:

  • Fully Adjustable Convection / Conduction Ratio
  • Upgraded Battery Capacity (3300mAh – 3600mAh planned)
  • Upgraded LED Screen
  • Slimmer Form
  • Firmware Updates
  • Adjustable Session Timer
  • Original CFX Accessories Compatible
  • USB 3.0 Charging / Data Transfer
  • Jet Black, Matte Black and Gunmetal Planned
  • Custom Designs Planned

New Boundless Technology Desktop Prototype

The second model Boundless showed off is a sleek and subtle new desktop vaporizer. The desktop unit is still early in development and doesn’t have an official name yet but the discreet minimalist form has us extremely excited. Here’s what we know about the new Boundless desktop vape:

  • 100% Convection Heating
  • Discreet Aluminum Exterior
  • Party Option – Multiple Whips
  • Forced Air (Bag Blowing) Option

Boundless CFV 2 Vaporizer

Boundless may have saved the best for last – this portable vaporizer doesn’t have a final name yet either but it’s currently being referred to as the Boundless CFV 2.0. The CFV 2 looks quite a bit different than the original Boundless CFV. This will be the first herb vape with dual removable 18650 batteries and we’re amped to see they chose an aluminum shell as well. Here’s the info so far:

  • 100% Convection Heating
  • Aluminum Exterior
  • Two Replaceable 18650 Batteries
  • 20-30 Second Heatup
  • Top Facing Screen
  • Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
  • Possibly Firmware Updateable
  • Multiple Battery Cover Options Planned – (Wood, Metal, Rubberized)

We were incredibly impressed with all three of the new product reveals; it’s awesome to see Boundless is still innovating and coming up with fresh ideas. We’re looking forward to learning more about all three of these units in the coming months and we’ll be sure to share any new info with the community – keep an eye on our Blog, Reddit and Instagram for all of the details as we get them!

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