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4/20 Sale – Our Highest Discounts!

4/20 Sale time, bet you didn’t see this one coming! 

Check out these limited time specials, bundles and discounts on our best selling and most popular vaporizers. Stock is limited on everything listed so get em while we’ve got em!

s and b 420 sale

All Storz & Bickel Vapes – 20% Off: BIG420

Volcano Classic – 15% Off + 4 Packs of Bags: CLASSIC420

Volcano Digital – 15% Off + 4 Packs of Bags: DIGITAL420

Plenty – 15% + Chamber Reducer: PLENTY420

Crafty – 15% Off + WPA + Capsule Magazine: CRAFTY420

Mighty – 15% Off + WPA + StandCapsule Magazine: MIGHTY420

Storz & Bickel Custom Accessories – 20% Off: SB420

Storz & Bickel have been in the herb vape industry longer than nearly anyone: the original Volcano Classic was released during the Y2K scare and the Volcano Digital was released the same year as the first iPhone. The Volcano is commonly seen as the king of desktop vapes due to its history of performance so S&B created the Plenty to bring the same top tier vapor density and flavor to a handheld form. The Crafty and Mighty vaporizers step up the game even further with internal 18650 batteries for full cordless portability. If you’re eyeing a Volcano Classic or Digital we’re dropping 15% off and throwing in 4 extra packs of Volcano Bags using coupon code CLASSIC420 or DIGITAL420. The Plenty is 15% off with a free Chamber Reducer using code PLENTY420 and we can’t forget the Crafty and Mighty at 15% Off with a free water pipe adapter and dosing capsule magazine using codes CRAFTY420 and MIGHTY420. We also have a bunch of custom accessories for the Crafty and Mighty at a full 20% off using code SB420

da vinci iq 420 promo

DaVinci IQ – 15% Off + WPA + HydroTube: IQ420

DaVinci IQ Custom Accessories – 20% Off with code: DAVINCI420

The DaVinci IQ portable vaporizer is sleek, discreet and hits like a beast. The unique zirconia ceramic chamber pearl ensures even heating and the zirconia vapor path provides the purity of ceramic with the durability of metal. The heating chamber and mouthpiece are located on opposite ends of the vape with a zirconia flavor chamber in the middle, extending the airpath and lowering vapor temperatures as much as possible. The IQ heats up between 30 and 60 seconds depending on your chosen setting – 4 preset temperatures and a boost are programmed in by default and single digit temperature selection from 250-430F is also available. The IQ’s 18650 battery is easily removable and the 3500mAh capacity is near the best available, delivering an hour or more of usage per charge. If you like water filtered vapor (you should) get hyped: coupon code IQ420 drops 15% off the price of the IQ and adds on a free custom IQ Water Pipe Adapter and 10mm HydroTube combo. If you’re already a proud owner of the DaVinci IQ we’ve got both of those custom accessories at 20% off using code DAVINCI420

grinders 420 sale

All Grinders – 20% Off with Code: 420GRIND

Stay on the grind this 4/20 with our bigass selection of herb shredders from top names like Space Case, Santa Cruz Shredder, SLX, Cali Crusher and Mendo Mulcher. We’ve got 2-piece grinders for the minimalists, 3-piece grinders for all-in-one storage and 4-piece grinders to sift your finest goodies. All of our grinders will be available for 20% off using discount code 420GRIND but we have very limited supply of each color so snag your favorite while you can!

flowermate 420 sale

Flowermate V5 Nano – 25% Off with code: NANO420

FM V5.0S – $75 with code: FM5S || FM V5.0S Mini – $79 with code: MINI

FM V5X – $89 with code: MXX || FM V5X Mini – $89 with code: MMX

FM V5 PRO – $99 with code: PRO

Flowermate Custom Accessories – 20% Off with code: FM420

The Flowermate portable vaporizers are a go-to name for heavy hitting and reliable pocket vapes at budget pricing. The ‘dugout’ style form fits perfectly in a pants pocket (even tight ones) and the base compartment protects the mouthpiece in transit without any wasted space. The original FM V5S and FM Mini produce thick conduction vapor with 3 temperature settings from 385-415F, the sweet spot for dry herb vaping. The FM V5X and V5X Mini features the same isolated ceramic heating chamber and pocket friendly form with an additional 3 temperature settings. The V5 Pro  steps up precision even further with an OLED display and digital temperature control from 104-446F. You can get the original V5S for $75 with code FM5s or the FM Mini for $79 with code MINI. We also have the V5 Pro for $99 with coupon PRO and the V5X or V5X Mini for $89 with codes MXX or MMX respectively. If any of our Flowermate custom accessories caught your eye toss on coupon FM420 to lower them 20%.

sticky brick labs 420 promo

Sticky Brick Lineup – 20% Off with code: SBL

Sticky Brick Vaporizers are the perfect combination of form and function. All Sticky Brick models produce pure convection vapor in moments using a torch lighter and each one is handcrafted in the USA out of natural American hardwood making every unit unique. The Original Brick was Sticky Brick Labs first vaporizer and also one of the first 100% convection on-demand herb vapes. The Sticky Brick Junior is the slimmer, younger brother and our personal favorite of the lineup; it hits nearly as hard as the OG Sticky Brick but can be carried in a pocket (with some bulge). The HydroBrick, HydroBrick Maxx and Flip Brick were designed for GonG connections and can milk a water pipe with ease. All 5 Sticky Brick vapes and all SB accessories will be 20% off throughout our 420 sale using code SBL, make sure to grab your favorite wood before we run out!

x vape vaporizers 420 sale

XMAX V2 Pro – $55 with code: XMAX420

Starry – 25% Off with code: STARRY420

FOG – 25% Off with code: FOG420

XVAPE vaporizers are durable, compact and have very little learning curve – ideal for passing around a group of friends that have never vaped before or chilling back on a lazy day. The XMAX V2 Pro and Starry are XVAPE’s conduction portables. The X-MAX is their most popular option and our most common recommendation for a first vaporizer due to low cost and ease of use. The Starry is a bit more advanced with a larger loading chamber, OLED display and single digit temperature control ranging from 212-464F. The Fog is XVAPE’s hybrid offering, heating material primarily through convection with a bit of conduction to improve extraction and battery efficiency. All 3 X-VAPE vaporizers are powered by a Samsung 18650 battery that can easily be swapped out, something you rarely see in vapes at or below the $100 range. We’ve got the XMAX V2 Pro at an all time low of $55 using code XMAX420. We’ve also got bigass 25% discounts on the Starry with code STARRY420 and the Fog with code FOG420

linx gaia sale

Linx Gaia – 20% Off with code: GAIA420

The LINX Gaia is the first portable herbal vaporizer from LINX, one of the most popular names in wax pens. The Gaia is one of the only herb vapes compact enough to pull off the coveted ‘box mod’ form factor thanks to a fully aluminum build, less than 2″ x 3.15″ size and 146g weight. Temperature is displayed on the bright OLED screen and controlled digitally with 3 buttons, easy-peasy. The Gaia is a heavily convection hybrid that heats up in about half a minute. The unique quartz chamber and convection dominant heating provide a clean flavor profile and impressive vapor output for such a tiny vape. Battery life is around an hour of normal usage and once you’re out of juice you can charge the Gaia through Micro-USB. We’re dropping 20% off the LINX Gaia from now until our 420 sale ends using code GAIA420

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If you’re looking for anything not listed on our 4/20 Sale try out coupon code PUFFEDUP for 15% off nearly everything in our store. If you see any better 420 specials online please Hit Us Up with the details and we’ll do our best to match or beat them. =)

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