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Imag Plus Ceramic Sale!

The Imag Plus is here and ready to ship. The new version has a ceramic conduction heating element which produces pure vapor every time. No combusting ever. The standard price is $119, however, for a limited time you can get the Imag for $84.99 with discount code IMAG. We can’t promise this price forever so…

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The Flower Mate Mini Torn Apart

Let’s take a look at the Flowermate Mini, shall we? Once you pop off the slide lids you see two screws on the top. Unlike the v5s, the screws are only on the top. The shell slides out from the bottom.     The Battery is an LG 2500 MAH. We get about 15 cycles per…

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New Arizer Air Box

Ahhhhh yea, Arizer just added a graphic to their Air box. Arizer has shipped all their products in unmarked boxes for years. Will this trend pass on to the other Arizer Products?

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New Vapman’s Sale!

Vapman’s are now available with Walnut and Maple wood. For a limited time you can grab a Vapman or any accessories and get 20% off with discount code VM.

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New Stems for the Arizer Air by Ed’s TNT

Check out the new Eds TNT Stems for the Arizer Air! This Oak has been found laying in a peat bog of Ireland for more than 5,000 years. After all those years it has become stained by the color of the earth. It is a piece of history; not only does it look beautiful, it…

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Concentrates in the Solo, Air and other vapes

Trying to vaporize concentrates? Try this: Get a small amount of Natural, Organic Cotton, dab a lil’ concentrate on the cotton and ball it up so the oil is in the center. Pack it in your stem or chamber and you are good to go 🙂   We have tried this trick successfully with the:…

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Nothing, just a pic of the Air

The snow has melted and ski season is over for us in Tahoe. Here is a random pic we took of the Arizer Air while at heavily resort.

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The Mini, now available in colors

The Flower Mate Mini is back in stock and now available in colors 🙂  No surprise the first color released is Blue…. The Mini is now available for only $85 with discount code MINI

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ebay vaporizer ban

ebay is banning vaporizers

 eBay recently updated their policy and has now banned vaporizers, including Mods and E-Cigarettes. Vaporizers have become a hot topic lately and we understand why eBay (and Amazon) would want to avoid the drama. eBay is still a great marketplace and they do a great job supporting small businesses. You will still see vapes and mods…

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Flowermate Mini V Atmos Liv

The Flowermate Mini V. Atmos Liv

You can’t help but notice the Atmos Liv and FlowerMate Mini look alike. Both are made by the same manufacture and share similar designs. From the outside they are pretty much the same,  however they both operate very differently. The Liv has a heat coil chamber which combusts herbs. The FlowerMate Mini has a ceramic chamber…

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