Saying thank you is not always enough to show proper respect to our armed forces. Throughout the years we have always extended our military discount to the family members of those serving our country, even that is not enough. Those in our armed forces have vowed to lay their life on the line for the rest of us so we can live the life we are accustomed to. We support companies that support our troops. If we all do our part to show our respect and offer discounts to our underpaid, over worked forces, we can make a big difference. Not just for the military personal themselves, but their families as well.
     Because of the products we sell, we are not always welcome to donate to certain charities.   We have however donated anonymously this year to a group that supports the mothers of serving solders.  Lets not forget that military service affects a entire family.
     To the Mothers, Fathers, Loved ones and Children of our troops, Thank you. We owe you more then we can ever put into words.
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