Our good friend Vito trying out his new Iolite Vaporizer     

      There was a time when you needed a big table top vaporizer to get decent hits. In the last year we have seen a lot of companies step up and make portable vaporizers that heat up fast and hit just as hard as the old school vaporizers. 
The Iolite is a great portable vaporizer, it takes 6 seconds to fill with butane, lasts for 2 hours on a charge, heats up and is ready to hit in 45 seconds, and is known for being super efficent which means your herbs will last longer saving you money. 

      Remember, vaporizers are a investment. If you could cut the cost of your herbs in half how much money would you save this year?

     As if that isn’t enough, vapor carries 98% less tar than smoking. 

Play safe, Vaporize!

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