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G-Pen Vaporizer by Grenco Review 4.6

Ease Of Use:
Oil can be a pain to fill in most vaporizers, a good thing about the G-Pen, you can fit a lot of oil in it so you don’t have to fill it very often. In our testing one packed tank would last over a week with daily use. Other than filling the Tank the G-Pen is single button operation and could be used by anyone with no instructions
Oil can make a mess, if you let the G-Pen sit on its side too long it can spill. This is true for most oil vaporizers and is a small issue. The oil is held in a separate replaceable tank which makes less mess.
Battery Life:
Don’t expect this battery to run out on you anytime soon. Each charge holds about 400 hits. Oil vapor is much stronger than standard vaporizers and 400 hits is much more than you would ever need in a day. 
Vapor Hits:
Oil Vapor is very solid and can make you cough. The G-Pen hits as strong as much more expensive oil vaporizers. The Button automatically shuts off after 10 seconds, for extra large hits press the button while inhaling for a few seconds then let go and press the button again, this will let you take longer draws that would impress anyone
The G-Pen is about the size of a Sharpie Marker and can be taken anywhere. We recommend carrying the G-Pen in a case, however if you are vamping on the go it will easily fit in any pocket. The small size of the G-Pen also makes it very discreet
Bottom Line:
If you are looking to buy your first Oil Vaporizer, start with the G-Pen. The G-Pen works better than most pen vaporizers we have tried and the price is much less than other versions. Replacement parts are easy to find so you can keep your G-Pen working for a long time.
The instant heat up is something you do not see with a lot of vaporizers, this makes the G-Pen perfect for quick single draws. The battery life ensures you will have more hits than necessary available, however the 
size and weight will make you forget this vape is in your pocket.
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