Paying with BitCoin

More and more people are asking us to accept BitCoin. We couldn’t agree more, an anonymous payment method is just our style. Adding BitCoin to our store is not as easy as it sounds, however we are actively researching third party companies that will work with us and our website platform. We strongly recommend using BitSpend to make BitCoin payments, many customers have already used BitSpend on our website with no problems. 

The best advice always comes from our customers, if you have any suggestions for accepting BitCoin on our site please Contact Us, we would love to hear from you.
Until then, don’t forget that we take privacy very seriously, we ship with discretion and we never share any personal information, we also never send any unwanted mail or advertisements. All our customer data is kept encypted off site from our store. Staying discreet is what we are all about 🙂

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