Medical Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) Shows Remission in Crohn’s disease

“Shame on his parents”
            When i was 16 I wrote an article that was published in Good Housekeeping Magazine about my life as a teenager growing up with Crohn’s disease, and my use of Medical Marijuana to deal with the symptoms. This was about a year before prop 215 was passed and Medical Marijuana was regulated. The next month, Good Housekeeping dedicated a page of letters to the editor about the article. Most of the responses were extremely negative, one person even said “Shame on his Parents” for allowing me to smoke pot.  
             I have spent a large part of my life having to explain my medical condition to people and why i needed MMJ. It seems everyone has an opinion, some supportive, and some would think i just wanted to be “High” all the time. The absolute worst was the “There’s no evidence” argument, every person that had a chip on their shoulder about MMJ would say “There’s no evidence.”     Well they were right, there wasn’t any real evidence, simply because our Federal Laws forbid any studies of any kind regarding MMJ. Times have changed since then, the world is a much different place……. And here is the evidence…
          In a Prospective Placebo Based Study, 21 Crohn’s patients who were not responsive to steroids or anti inflammatory medication were given either pre-rolled Sativa Joints or placebo joints twice a day for 8 weeks. The result, 1 out of 10 of the placebo went into remission, 5 out of 11 using Sativa went into remission.
          WOW!  That’s 45% effective!  45% might not sound like a huge number but keep in mind these were patients that were not responding to any other forms of standard treatment. This will come as no surprise to the IBD and Crohn’s community. This study was with a small control group and if anything makes the case for more research. 
          For those of us living with serious medical conditions, knowledge is power. We do not have the luxury of discussing MMJ from an ethical standpoint, arguing right from wrong, for many of us we are just doing what is necessary to survive another day. Throughout my 20+ years using Cannabis Medically I have dealt with a lot of harsh criticism, I accept it and expect more in the future. At least now when someone tells me there is no evidence that Medical Marijuana helps people with Crohn’s, they will be wrong. 
Read the study Here
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