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Improved AirFlow and other things Flowermate


Airflow has always been a hot topic among the FlowerMate community. It is all too common that users try to mod their vapes by drilling holes into the chamber in hope of improving Airflow; this is a good way to break your vape and void the warranty. Flowermate engineers paid close attention to these types of mods and are using the feedback to further improve the design.

flowermate vaporizer improved airflow puffitup

The first thing Flowermate did to improve AirFlow was increase the size of the air holes on the top and bottom chambers.

new flowermate screens

The original Flowermates came with a screen fixed to the bottom of the chamber that was not meant to be removed. The new version has replaceable screens in both the top and bottom of the chamber. The goal here is to make the screens a lot easier to clean. The air holes in the screen are now double the size, resulting in AirFlow, AirFlow, AirFlow.

Concentrate and Dry Herb Pods

Along with the updates to existing Flowermate products, new accessories are rolling out. First up is the new Pre-Load Chambers:

flowermate v3 dry herb chamber and oil tank


Two new pre-loading tanks will be available soon. The one on the left is the new “Oil Can”, which can be filled with any type of full melt concentrate or e-juice. The tank on the right is for Dry Herbs. Neither tank is mandatory, however, pre-loading tanks so you can quickly drop in a fresh bowl is quite useful when on the go. So far we have tested these tanks with the V5.0s, Mini, Pro, and V3 Air; they all work great with the new tanks.


LoadX Grinder/Loader

flowermate grinder x main


The LoadX Grinder/Loader is FlowerMate’s first accessory. Designed in California, this multi use tool will easily grind your herbs and directly load them into the Pre-Load Pods. Two of the pods sit at the bottom so you can quickly load multiple pods at a time.



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4 comments on Improved AirFlow and other things Flowermate

  1. December 14, 2015 at 5:14 pmReed Reply to Reed
    When will this new chambers come out? and when will the new screens come out? They both look Great, so I'm interested in getting them.
    • December 31, 2015 at 9:42 pmRandy Author Reply to Randy
      We are literally waiting for our Flowermate Delivery to show up right now :) The new screens and pod should be on the site by this weekend
  2. December 27, 2015 at 9:14 amDeron Reply to Deron
    When is the release date on the pods and the new flowermates with better airflow ?
    • December 31, 2015 at 9:41 pmRandy Author Reply to Randy
      The V5s and V5 Mini have already updated. The pods should arrive this weekend