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Fake Arizer Air VS Real. Spoiler alert, the real version is better


fake arizer air vaporizer bought on ebay package in the mail

We bought a sweet looking arizer air on eBay. You know those “too good to be true” prices you see on there? This was definitely one of them. 5 weeks later our brand new fake arizer air has arrived. This unit came from Singapore.


arizer air vaporizer real vs fake boxes

The Box

The Fake Arizer Air box looked pretty good, the color tones were slightly off but the unsuspecting eye probably couldn’t tell the difference. On the side of the box, the color and plug options were not filled in, also there was a missing sticker declaring where the product was made.


arizer air real vs fake inner box vaporizerThe inside box was missing the labels and serial numbers.

arizer air fake vaporizer open in box

Similar packaging, the real Arizer Air parts were all in bags, the Fake Arizer Air not so much

fake arizer air vaporizer vs real side by side

Side By Side

The Fake Arizer Air looks surprisingly similar to a real unit, however that is where the similarities stop. The Fake is lighter and the shell feels flimsy, you can press down on the aluminum shell with your thumb and see it indent. The top piece should be made of a high heat resistant resin, unfortunately we have no way of knowing what it is made out of. It is clearly a low end plastic, the threads that screw the top piece and bottom piece are rough to say the least.

The lights on the Fake Arizer Air are much brighter than the real air. The up/down button fits loosely so it slides around a bit. The fake button was smooth and shiny, the real is frosted.


arizer air vaporizer real vs fake ebay chamber

Worst Chamber Ever?

There are some nasty differences between the Real and Fake Arizer Air. The fake chamber is not secured to the base of the unit so it shakes and makes a rattling noise. The Real air has a heat resistant ring over the top that keeps the stems in place. The fake Air has a plastic ring. Again, we can’t verify what material this is made out of, however it does not hold the stems in place. As far as we can tell they just put it in there so it looks like the original. The heating chamber on the fake arizer air is impressively bad. The holes appear to be drilled by hand. the holes were all off center with lots of little metal shavings around the edges. Even for a counterfeit this is a terrible heating chamber.

We turned the fake arizer air on. To the fakes credit, it did turn on and get hot. The “beep” was very quick, the real air is more of a “beeeeeeeeep”. To reach full temperature the fake took about 2 minutes. This is most likely caused by the chamber, which is much thicker metal than the real stainless steel bowl, which will take more energy to fully heat.

fake arizer air vs real battery base bottom


At least the Fake comes with a Samsung battery right? Not really. The battery is an obvious fake. It weighs less then a normal Samsung 18650 battery and the plastic cover was put on unevenly.

The Fake Air was missing the production number on the bottom pieces. The fake bottom cap felt very flimsy, like something you could easily crumble in your hand.


arizer air vaporizer real vs fake serial bottom

Oh look a serial number!  We have seen some fake arizer airs in the past that did not have the serial number. It looks like this fake did have one.


Unfortunately, counterfeiters know we are all looking for a great price and they exploit this fact. Anyone selling on eBay can put “authorized seller” in their title, it means nothing. As far as we know, no vaporizer manufacture authorizes sales on eBay or any other auction site. We hope these posts are helpful, if there are any specific knock off vaporizers you would like to see us compare to the real version, please post a comment below and we will try to track a fake down.

Than you for reading our blog,  life is good.

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3 comments on Fake Arizer Air VS Real. Spoiler alert, the real version is better

  1. June 9, 2016 at 5:24 pmTK Reply to TK
    I think the Pax 2 would be a good comparison. Considering the higher price of a Pax I'm sure people look for those deals often and it could curb the chance of someone buying a fake and also maybe curb a little bit of counterfeiting.
  2. August 8, 2016 at 4:37 pmGene Reply to Gene
    Thanks for showing the very real problem with counterfeiting when dealing with products made/assembled in China.
  3. October 3, 2016 at 10:47 pmDab Reply to Dab
    This is a great topic, there are a lot of imitators, but very few great true vaporizers. Arizer makes some of the top quality units, that actually vaporize, instead of combust. You get for what you paid for.