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Slacker Sale – A PuffItUp Family Tradition

So you forgot to go Christmas Shopping again? No prob, we’ve got you covered! Until December 25th our top selling products are 15% off with free Express shipping when you use coupon code SLACKER


The CFX by Boundless has been one of this year’s most popular vapes and for good reason – it’s a huge hitter at a budget price. The CFX is a pocket portable known for its extra-large loading chamber, crisp digital display and convection / conduction hybrid heating capable of producing thick, tasty clouds of vapor within 20 seconds of activation!


Welcome to flavor country! The Swift Pro by Flowermate is a pure convection vaporizer, meaning heated air is applied to your material only during inhalation. Pure convection heating paired with a fully isolated airpath results in top notch flavor and efficiency, making the Swift Pro one of the best choices for flavor chasers.


The CFV is Boundless’ first 100% convection vaporizer and it’s a winning design. The CFV’s heater is separated from the loading chamber, avoiding any idle cooking and ensuring incredible flavor. It hasn’t been out long but the CFV has already gained a following for providing long sessions filled with delicious convective vapor!

elite The G-Pen Elite is a huge step above the previous G-Pen models, providing impressive clouds of pure vapor and a compact, ergonomic form that fits perfectly in your hand and your pocket. The Elite offers a wide ceramic heating chamber with diffused airflow and a wide temperature range of 200F – 428F controlled and displayed digitally. mflb

One of the most well-known and trusted vaporizers available, the Magic Flight Launch Box is a true classic! Palm sized, powered by a single AA battery and able to heat dry material in about 5 seconds, the MFLB maintains its position as one of the stealthiest and most convenient vapes ever made!


The Odin vaporizer was released earlier this year and we’ve been having fun with ours ever since! The Odin employs a mix of convection and conduction heating for potent and great tasting vapor paired with impressive battery life, especially considering its ultra-compact size. The aluminum fins on the sides help dissipate heat away from the internals; a life extending feature unique to the Odin.


The only vape specifically designed to withstand freezing temperatures, the Summit Plus by Vapium is perfect for all of your winter festivities! The Summit+ features an upgraded 3300mAh battery and a durable high-temperature polycarbonate body for vapor sessions in even the harshest of conditions!

If you’re interested in an item that isn’t posted in the Slacker Sale try coupon code PUFFEDUP for 15% off nearly everything in our store – most vapes include Priority shipping for free. Keep an eye on our Blog, Reddit and Instagram for future specials and plenty more PuffItUp action!

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