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710 Sale – Concentrate your Mind on Boundless and W9!

Concentrate your mind on our 710 Sale with limited deals on W9 and Boundless vapes for oils, waxes, shatters and other full melt extracts!

omicron 710 sale

Omicron V5, Alpha Centauri V3 and ACV3 Atomizers – 20% Off with Code: W920

The new Omicron V5 and Alpha Centauri V3 are here and the differences are subtle but major. The wattage minimum has been greatly expanded for a wider compatibility with pre-filled cartridges and other high ohm attachments. The airflow design of the ACV3 has also been completely revamped; the draw restriction is now more open and less likely to clog or cause splashback. To celebrate 7/10 we have the new Omicron V5, Alpha Centauri V3 and ACV3 atomizers for 20% off with coupon code W920

Everything Else W9 – 40% Off with Code: W940

If that isn’t enough W9 action for you everything else in our W9 section will be a full 40% off using discount code W940 while stock lasts. Top choices include the Omicron V4, Hercules 510, Alpha Centauri, ACV2 and Nibbler bubbler tops. The Omicron V4 is an all in one wax pen kit including a titanium and ceramic dual coil atomizer for top notch flavor and cloud output. The Hercules is a 510 threaded attachment for 20W or higher mods featuring a thick titanium pad, ceramic rod heater and deep chamber for holding plenty of concentrate. The Alpha Centauri attachments are also 510 threaded and compatible with the same heavy hitting AC atomizers as the Omicron V4.

boundless 710 sale

Boundless CF-7 (CF710) – 30% Off with Code: CF730

The Boundless CF-7 / CF710 is a honey straw style portable vaporizer developed by Boundless for a heavier hitting alternative to standard wax pens. The CF-7 quartz and ceramic coils heat in a matter of seconds and can be dipped directly into your material for instant loading. The absorbent ceramic tip holds in your oil and slowly transfers it into the heat coil for a longer session of more flavorful hits. The quartz tip is non-absorbent and transfers your oil directly to the heat for the biggest hits possible. During our 710 sale the CF710 is a full 30% off using coupon code CF730 – snag one and get ripping!

These 710 discounts are limited and will only last as long as stock allows; we don’t expect them to be around long so grab what you can!

Check out our Reddit and Instagram pages for more PuffItUppery; we just gave away a Starry portable vape by XMAX and we’re planning another contest in the very near future. 

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