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Cyber Monday Super Sale!

Green Friday Cyber Monday Sales are back at PuffItUp and we’ve got the limited time vape deals, discounts, combos and freebies you’ve been waiting all year for! These are all limited time specials and availability depends on stock so snag yours while you can!

Cyber Monday: Flowermate Mini PRO – Only $79 with code: MPGREEN

The Flowermate Mini Pro is a whole lotta vape in a tiny little package! The Mini Pro is one of the smallest and most pocket friendly dry herb vaporizers available at less than 2 inches wide and 3.4 inches tall, yet it’s still capable of heating up in around half a minute and reaching up to an hour of run time on a single charge. The OLED display and three button control scheme are easy to use even for beginners and provide access to a full temperature range from 104-446F down to a single digit. The included Mini Universal Adapter lets you pair your Mini Pro with any 14mm or 18mm water pipe for smooth, water filtered vapor clouds. If you’ve seen our Teardown blog post you know we’re big fans of the FM Mini Pro so we’re spreading the love on Cyber Monday by chopping nearly half the price off with coupon code MPGREEN for $79!



green friday black friday mighty crafty plenty volcano

20% OffCrafty, Mighty, Plenty, Volcano Classic or Digital – code SBGREEN

Mighty – 15% Off + Stand, WPA, and Glass Mouthpiece: SBMEXTRA

Crafty – 15% Off + WPA and Glass Mouthpiece: SBCEXTRA

Plenty – 15% Off + Chamber Reducer: SBPEXTRA

Volcano Classic and Volcano Digital – 15% Off: SBVEXTRA

For one day only grab the Storz and Bickel vape of your choice for 20% off using coupon code SBGREEN. Storz and Bickel have been creating and manufacturing vapes for well over a decade and continue to produce some of the most popular and top functioning designs in the industry. The Volcano classic and Volcano digital are two of the most recognized vaporizers in existence thanks to their history of performance and reliability. The S&B Plenty is a handheld plugin style vape designed to give all of the oomph of the Volcano via direct draw instead of bag blowing. The Crafty and Mighty are S&B’s portable offerings; both are hybrid heating vaporizers known for producing vapor on par with desktop units in both thickness and flavor. We’ve got the Mighty discounted 15% along with a free stand, water pipe adapter and glass mouthpiece with code SBMEXTRA. To get the Crafty for 15% off with a WPA and glass mouthpiece use code SBCEXTRA. The Plenty will be 15% off including a free chamber reducer by applying code SBPEXTRA. Last but not least the Volcano Classic and Digital will both be 15% off with code SBVEXTRA. All of these deals will be available throughout our Green Friday Sale as long as stock remains!

boundless cfv cfx cf green friday black friday

Boundless CFX – $108 with code: CFX108

Boundless CF – $81 with code: CF81

Boundless CF-7 (CF-710) – $79 with code: CF79

Boundless CFV – 50% Off with code: CFVHALF

Kicking our sales off with Boundless leading the pack is nearly a tradition at this point. The CFX and CF are a couple of the hardest hitting hybrid vaporizers we’ve come across and the lightning quick heatup time and extra large loading chambers make them a top choice for passing around a group of friends. The Boundless CFV is a 100% true convection vape which means your material is only being cooked as you inhale for the purest flavor possible. You can get a closer look at the internal build quality and detail that went into these designs in our teardown blog posts here: CFX / CFV. We believe every vape collection big or small should include some Boundless so we’re discounting the CFX down to $108 with code CFX108 and the CF down to $81 with code CF81. We’re dropping 50% off the CFV with CFVHALF for an all time low price of $85 shipped. We’ve also got the CF-7 (aka CF-710) oil vape for $79 with code CF79 – Get em while we’ve got em!

sticky brick labs black friday green friday special

Sticky Brick Lineup – 20% Off with code: SBL

Sticky Brick vaporizers have been getting a ton of love from the vapor community this year and between looks and performance it’s easy to see why. American Hardwood construction makes every single vape from Sticky Brick Labs uniquely beautiful and no two are exactly alike. The Bricks are all 100% convection and can be heated in moments using a butane torch instead of batteries. Instant heat means instant vapor without waiting on heating or charging like most vapes. We’ve got all wood styles of the original Sticky Brick, Sticky Brick Junior, HydroBrick, HydroBrick MAXX, Hydro Add-On and the FlipBrick for a full 20% off using coupon code SBL until we run out!

black friday green friday focus pro s for 79

Focus Pro S – $79 with code: FOCUS

FocusVape is known for innovating with compact portable vaporizers like the Focus, Focus Pro and Focus Adventurer. Their newest model is the Focus Pro S which takes the best aspects of all of their previous releases and mixes them into an ultra-durable, sleek and convenient pocket vape! The Pro-S is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum which is known for being incredibly strong yet lightweight, making the S a great choice for daily pocket carrying. The Pro-S heats in about 30 seconds, the airflow is fully adjustable, the 3200mAh battery is easily switchable and the OLED display offers single digit temperature control as low as 176F and as high as 464F. Grab your Focus Pro-S for only $79 while they last using coupon code FOCUS

green friday black arizer solo 2 sale

Arizer Solo 2 – 15% Off + Six Custom Stems: SOLO2MP

  1. 14mm Airflow GonG
  2. 18mm Airflow GonG
  3. Long Black Stem
  4. Short Black Stem
  5. Airflow Mouthpiece
  6. Bubbler Mouthpiece

Note: We’re nearly out of the bubbler mouthpiece and will begin substituting in a different item soon.

The Solo 2 is a beast of a portable vaporizer from Arizer, one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Much like the original Arizer Solo, the S2 is a heavy hitter and one of the most efficient vaporizer designs. Our favorite part of the Solo II has got to be the run time; two internal high capacity batteries heat the Solo II in less than 30 seconds and provide an unheard of 2-3 hours of usage on a full charge. In our Solo 2 teardown post we noted a much slimmer form compared to the first Solo; other upgrades include the new OLED display and control scheme along with drastically improved battery life. The temperature and battery gauge readouts are crisp and clear plus the digital display allows a lot of new options such as notification volume, startup timer and sleep timer. The Arizer Solo 2 will be available for 15% Off with GonG WPAs in 14mm and 18mm, black stems in long and short, a clear airflow stem and bubbler mouthpiece included using code SOLO2MP until our special ends. You can also add the new custom 14mm Scope Water Mouthpiece for only $3.99 while supplies last!

X-MAX Fog – 25% Off with code: GREENFOG

The X-MAX Fog is the latest and greatest vape by X-VAPE, the company known for creating the community favorite X-MAX V2 Pro. The Fog is a slim and streamlined pocket portable vape and the first X-MAX vaporizer to offer convection / conduction hybrid heating. Hybrids are the most well rounded option and our personal favorite style; the convective heating provides clean, rich vapor clouds while conductive heating improves battery life and extraction efficiency. The X-VAPE Fog is powered by a single 2600 mAh Samsung 18650 battery that can be used while charging or easily swapped out with a spare. The Fog is one of the faster heating portables at about 30 seconds and the five temp settings from 356-428°F let you squeeze every bit of goodness from your material. We’re sharing the love for the Fog with a full 25% off using code GREENFOG in the cart!

All Grinders – 20% Off with Code: GREENGRIND

One of the most important accessories for vaping is a high quality grinder that can reach a fine consistency. Grinders have come a long way in the past few years and the newest teeth styles like those found in Santa Cruz Shredders are perfect for fluffing and shredding your material instead of chopping into dense chunks. The new SLX Grinders introduced a ceramic bonded surface that nearly eliminates residue buildup and cuts cleaning time down to nearly nothing. Whether you prefer two-piece, three-piece or four-piece we’ve got all of the most trusted and top performing grinders from Space Case, Santa Cruz Shredder, SLX, Cali Crusher, Mendo Mulcher, Interplanetary Development and more for 20% off through Black Friday weekend with code GREENGRIND

flowermate green friday black friday promo

FM V5.0S – $75 with code: FM5S || FM V5.0S Mini – $79 with code: MINI

FM V5 PRO – $99 with code: PRO || FM V5 Mini PRO – $95 with code: MP

FM V5X – $89 with code: MXX || FM V5X Mini – $89 with code: MMX

FM Swift Pro – $99 with code: SWIFT99

Flowermate vaporizers are some of the best values in portable vaping. Every Flowermate portable is slim and light to fit your pocket perfectly for thick, tasty clouds anywhere you need them.  The FM V5S and V5S Mini paved the way for the V5 Pro and V5 Mini Pro which feature an LED display and single digit temperature control. The V5X and V5X Mini perform just like the original V5S with double the temperature settings. The FM Swift Pro is Flowermate’s fully convection offering and one of the best options available for purity and clarity of flavor. Flowermate vapes have been a PuffItUp mainstay for years now and we’ve even featured teardown posts for the V5.0S and Mini Pro to get an inside look at where the magic happens. For a limited time you can use coupon code FM5S for a $75 FM V5.0S or code MINI for a $79 FM V5.0S Mini. Coupon code PRO drops the FM V5 Pro price down to $99 while code MP drops the FM Mini Pro down to $95. Code MXX is good for an $89 FM V5X or MMX for an $89 V5X Mini. If you’re in the market for pure convection we have the FM Swift Pro for $99 by applying code SWIFT99

green friday black arizer air sale

Arizer AIR II – 15% Off + Six Custom Stems: AIR2MP

  1. 14mm Airflow GonG
  2. 18mm Airflow GonG
  3. Long Black Stem
  4. Short Black Stem
  5. Airflow Mouthpiece
  6. Bubbler Mouthpiece

Note: We’re nearly out of the bubbler mouthpiece and will begin substituting in a different item soon.

The AIR 2 is the newest release from Arizer and it maintains the family tradition of top tier performance and quality. Like the original Arizer AIR, the AIR 2 is an ultra compact cloud machine powered by a removable 18650 battery for ultimate portable convenience. The AIR II is the same size and form as the original but improvements have been made to the battery, controls and electronics for a quicker heatup, improved run time and more precise extraction. The addition of an OLED screen expands functionality with additional control settings, battery life and temp info plus a wide temperature range of 122-428°F. We’re hooking you up with 15% Off plus black long and short mouthpieces, 14mm and 18mm GonG water pipe adapters, a clear airflow stem and a bubbler mouthpiece with your new AIR II by using code AIR2MP at checkout. Additionally, The Scope 14mm custom water mouthpiece will be available through the Air 2 listing for only $3.99 until we run out!

green friday black friday starry sale x max

Starry by X-MAX – $89 with code: STARRY

The Starry vaporizer by X-MAX is one of our shop favorite portables. It’s impossibly small, features a removable 18650 battery and reaches temperature in 15-30 seconds; faster than almost any other battery powered vape available. A single charge provides over an hour of heating time at any temperature ranging from 212F – 464F and passthrough micro-USB charging allows you to use the Starry while plugged in. The LED screen displays both temperature and remaining battery life so you know when it’s time to swap in a new battery or hit up the charger. Check out our Starry teardown blog post where we fully disassembled the unit to examine the components, connections, heater and airpath from the inside. We’ve got the Starry discounted all the way down to $89 during our Green Friday Super Sale using coupon code STARRY so claim one while you can!

green friday black friday pax 2 3 sales

PAX 2 – Free Water Pipe Adapter and Loading Kups: P2EXTRA

PAX 3 – Free WPA, Loading Kups and VaprCase: P3EXTRA

PAX vaporizers are some of the most well known portables on the market thanks to their incredibly sleek, discreet and subtle form. The PAX 2 and PAX 3 are two of the smallest vapes ever released and the slender aluminum build is ideal for pocket portability. Many vapes around this size sacrifice battery life for their compact size but the PAX 2 gets a full hour or more while the PAX 3 gets 90+ minutes per charge thanks in part to the PAX exclusive lip sensing technology that automatically adjusts your temperature based on whether the unit is idle or being drawn from. Both the P2 and P3 heat up impressively fast and provide full, satisfying vapor but the PAX 3 adds a handful of upgrades like vibration notification (haptic feedback), bluetooth app control and a larger capacity battery. Our special PAX combos for Green Friday include the PAX 2 with a Water Pipe Adapter and 3 Kups Loading Capsules using code P2EXTRA and the PAX 3 plus WPA, 3 Kups Preload Pods and a VaprCase silicone skin with code P3EXTRA

x max green friday black friday sale

X-MAX V2 Pro + Water Pipe Adapter – $59 with code: XWPA

X-MAX V2 Pro + Glass Mouthpiece – $59 with code: XG

X-MAX V2 Pro + Bubbler Attachment – $59 with code: XB

What’s better than the X-MAX V2 Pro for $59? The X-MAX v2 Pro along with a free grinder and glass accessory of your choice for $59! Due to the low price paired with high performance the X-MAX is often our first recommendation for people new to vaping or looking for an inexpensive option that performs on par with models that cost 2-3x as much. The X-MAX’s pure ceramic heating chamber is known to produce thick, tasty vapor and the tough aluminum build and switchable 18650 Li-ion battery are features typically reserved for much more expensive vaporizers. Use coupon code XWPA for a GonG water pipe adapter, XG for a glass mouthpiece or XB for an XMAX bubbler attachment; a free 4-piece aluminum grinder is included with all three of these $59 specials!

da vinci IQ sale black friday green friday

DaVinci IQ – 15% Off + Soft Case, Bubbler and Grinder: IQEXTRA

The DaVinci IQ is one of the most well designed pocket portables and one of our first choices for subtlety or stealth portability. The IQ is impressively tiny at only about 3.5″ x 1.6″ with a shape that hides perfectly in the hand. The heating chamber is on the opposite side of the mouthpiece, forcing vapor up an extended zirconia airpath for drastic cooling before reaching your mouth. The IQ is powered by a swappable 3500mAh battery capable of hitting cloud temp between 30 to 60 seconds. We recently did a teardown of the Da Vinci IQ you can check out HERE; we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of materials and the efficient internal layout allowing the smallest size possible. Get your own DaVinci IQ for 15% off along with a free grinder, soft case and bubbler using code IQEXTRA

linx gaia green friday black friday promo

LINX GAIA – 20% Off with code: GAIA 

The LINX Gaia is one of our newest arrivals and we’ve been enjoying ours daily since we got it. At only 2″ x 3″ the Gaia is one of the smallest and most subtle vapes available, nearly disappearing in your palm or pocket. The Gaia is a primarily convection hybrid vape that features a unique 10mm x 20mm quartz heating chamber for easy cleaning and pure, tasty vapor. The 2200mAh battery gets about an hour of heating time on a full charge and the ~30 second heatup time ensures you aren’t waiting long. Check out our GAIA Teardown blog post for an up close and personal look at the heater, battery and other internals that you’re unlikely to see anywhere else. Throughout our Green Friday sale we will have the LINX Gaia for a full 20% off using coupon code GAIA 

airvape xs green friday black friday promo

AirVape XS – 20% Off with code: XS 

The AirVape XS is the slimmest battery powered vaporizer we’ve ever used and one of our favorite choices for pocket carrying. The Air XS is controlled digitally through a simple three button interface and the vibrant 1.3″ OLED displays remaining battery life and your current temperature ranging from 200F to 428F. The XS is a convection / conduction hybrid that reaches vaping temp in roughly half a minute and vibrates to notify you when your selected temperature is reached. We don’t have many AirVape XS in stock so make sure to get one for 20% off using coupon code XS before we’re all out!

save 15 percent black friday green friday Not seeing the Green Friday special you were waiting for? Outside of a few manufacturer exclusions you can use coupon code PUFFEDUP for a full 15% off nearly everything in our store.

puffitup green friday black friday sale price match If you see any competitor’s Black Friday deals better than our Green Friday specials please Contact Us and we’ll do our best to match or beat them.

Make sure to check Our Blog again on Green Friday (11/24) for some one day only surprises you don’t want to miss! Hit us up through Reddit, YoutubeInstagram or Email with any questions or requests for the best price on anything else we have in stock!

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