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Slacker Sale – Last Minute Procrastination Specials!

The Slacker Sale is an annual PuffItUp tradition honoring the most unsung of heroes among us: the procrastinators hurriedly buying last minute holiday gifts. We’re supporting our lagging compatriots with free Domestic USPS Express Shipping and discounts on some of our most popular vaporizers!

These Specials Will Only Be Active Through 12/25; don’t put off the last minute too long!


Arizer Air 2 – Express Shipping + 15% Off code: AIR2RUSH

The Arizer Air 2  is an upgraded version of the community favorite Arizer Air vaporizer. The Air 2 heats faster, lasts longer per charge and has a more open open airflow than the original Air. The first Air was limited to 5 heat settings but the Air II has been upgraded to an OLED display with a full temperature range from 122-428°F. The Air 2 battery has been upgraded from 2200 mAh to 3400 mAh and thankfully charges via Micro-USB instead of a wall plug, thanks Arizer! We recently did a full teardown blog post in which we disassembled the Air 2 piece by piece. As expected from Arizer the internals were top notch in both material and build quality. Hit up our Arizer Air II Youtube Review for more info and details. Grab your Arizer Air 2 with USPS’ fastest shipping plus 15% Off during our Slacker Sale by applying coupon code AIR2RUSH

DaVinci IQ – Express Shipping + 15% Off code: IQRUSH

The DaVinci IQ is a crazy small portable; at only 3.54″ x 1.65″ it nearly disappears in your palm and the anodized aluminum shell is tough enough to hold up to constant pocket carrying. As we saw in our DaVinci IQ Teardown, the vapor path travels through the entire unit for maximum cooling and it’s made of pure zirconia for the flavor of glass and durability of metal. The DV IQ’s unique 51 LED grid looks undeniably badass and provides single digit precision heat from 240-430F as well as a smart mode that automatically raises your temperature as needed. The IQ is powered by an easily swappable 18650 battery capable of heating the unit in less than a minute and the charge capacity is among the best available at a whopping 3500mAh. Avoid fakes by purchasing from us – snag 15% off paired with free USPS Express shipping on your authentic DaVinci IQ by applying code IQRUSH at checkout – this also includes the new limited edition Olive Green version while we still have them!

Mighty – Express Shipping + 15% Off code: MIGHTYRUSH

The Mighty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is one of the most powerful portable vapes and a top tier choice in both vapor production and flavor. The Mighty is primarily convection and partially conduction which provides the best of both heating styles; you get the flavor and extraction efficiency of convection along with the vapor output and battery efficiency of conduction. The cooling unit top section forces vapor through an elongated path, greatly reducing the temperature and harshness for bigger hits without coughing or irritation. The Mighty offers a full temp range of 104-410F and the bright and clear LED display provides information about current temp, set temp and battery life. We have the newest updated version of the Mighty with Boost Mode and upgraded internal batteries for 15% off with free USPS Express shipping using code MIGHTYRUSH during the Slacker Sale!

Arizer Solo 2  – Express Shipping + 15% Off with code: SOLO2RUSH

The Arizer Solo 2 takes one of the best vape designs a step further with improved airflow, upgraded batteries, and a digitally controlled OLED display offering temperatures spanning 122-428F down to the digit. The Solo II’s heat jets have been recessed and widened, improving airflow for notably smoother and cooler vapor. The new batteries heat in half the time of the original Solo with over 50% more battery life and passthrough charging so you can keep vaping while plugged in. The Solo 2 is also significantly slimmer and lighter than its predecessor which is always a welcome upgrade for a pocket portable. Take a peek at the full disassembly of the Solo 2 on our Blog to see the details you won’t find anywhere else. If you need a last minute present for a vape friend (or yourself) use coupon code SOLO2RUSH at checkout to take 15% off the price with USPS Express shipping added for free!

Crafty – Express Shipping + 15% Off code: CRAFTYRUSH

The Storz and Bickel Crafty is the little brother of the Mighty, designed to deliver the same beastly cloud density and flavor as the big boy in a pocket friendly form. Storz and Bickel portable vapes are known for big hits of cool, non irritating vapor thanks to the unique cooling unit top sections. The cooling unit’s extended vapor path makes the Crafty one of the smoothest pocket portables and a prime gift choice for anyone with sensitive lungs. The Crafty’s heating chamber mixes conduction with diffused convection heat jets for uniform extraction without the mid-session stirring most other vapes require. We have the newest updated Crafty model with 20% more battery life and improved shutoff timer for 15% Off and shipped USPS Express throughout our Slacker Sale with discount code CRAFTYRUSH

PAX 2 and PAX 3 – Express Shipping code: PAXRUSH

The PAX 2 and PAX 3 may be the best looking vapes available thanks to their sleek, minimalist aluminum exterior and four petal multi-color LEDs. The large stainless steel heating chamber holds enough material to session with a friend and the airpath runs the entire length of the unit, resulting in impressively cool vapor for a palm sized vape. The PAX 2 and 3 share the same dimensions but the PAX 3 steps up both functionality and performance with haptic feedback (vibration), Bluetooth connectivity, increased battery life and an improved heatup time of 20-30 seconds; twice as fast as the already quick PAX 2. Both the PAX 2 and PAX 3 are great gift options and if you’ve waited until the last minute to do your holiday shopping we’ve got you covered: add coupon code PAXRUSH for free Express shipping on any PAX 2 or PAX 3 until our Slacker Sale ends!

XMAX FogExpress Shipping + 15% Off code: FOGRUSH

The X-MAX Fog is the first convection / conduction hybrid from XVAPE, the company behind the community favorite X-MAX V2 PRO. The anodized aluminum build is ultra tough and gives the Fog a premium feel. The Fog runs on a single removable 18650 battery; the stock 2600 mAh battery heats the unit in around 30 seconds and is good for 40+ minutes of heating time. If you don’t have an extra 18650 battery on hand to swap in the XMAX Fog also features passthrough charging to keep you ripping while plugged in. The Fog’s five temperature settings are controlled through the single button interface and range from 356 up to 428F, covering all of the common dry herb heat levels. If you’d like our personal thoughts and experience with the Fog get the full rundown on our XMAX Fog Youtube Review. Coupon code FOGRUSH will score you 15% Off and USPS’ fastest shipping until the Slacker Sale is over!

FireFly 2Express Shipping code: FF2RUSH

The FireFly 2 is part of the rare breed of 100% pure convection vaporizers designed for true flavor chasers. Pure convection means your material is only being cooked by heated air during the hit with no idle heating occurring in between draws. The FF2 heats up nearly instantly and is controlled through capacitive touch sensors on the sides of the unit. The diffused convective flow from the FireFly’s 55 laser drilled heat jets effectively permeate your material for thorough extraction and the all glass vapor path ensures the cleanest possible flavor purity. The FireFly 2 is made of strong yet light magnesium alloy and a full 55% lighter and 33% smaller than the original FireFly vaporizer. Get your FireFly 2 in a hurry by adding coupon code FF2RUSH to your FF2 order for a free upgrade to Express shipping!

If you’ve got your eye on an item not listed on our Slacker Sale feel free to Contact Us to work out the best price or try out coupon code PUFFEDUP for 15% off and free USPS Priority shipping on almost everything in our store. Check out our Reddit, Instagram and Youtube pages for upcoming contests, sales and more PuffItUp holiday festivities!

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