Champs Trade Show Announcements (2018)

Champs Trade Show News – 2018

Randy has been cruising along Champs Trade Show 2018 all morning and is constantly looking at new products announcements! This is going to be a page dedicated to updating you with all of the latest news. The list will be updated daily, and if you check our official PuffItUp Instagram page you will get early announcements and alerts when we find a cool new product. Our story will usually have the latest news!

Davinci MIQRO

MIQRO next to IQ at Champs trade showDavinci vaporizers has released a new portable vaporizer called the Davinci MIQRO. This sleek device, dressed in red, has an MSRP of $149, and will be available in five colors. The MIQRO has a smaller battery than the IQ, allowing it to shrink to an extraordinarily small size. You can follow the updates to the MIQRO as we learn about them on our blog post titled “First look – Davinci MIQRO

In this photo at Champs Trade Show you can see the size difference between the MIQRO (left) and the IQ (




Xvape Vista Mini

The Xvape Vista Mini was an extremely small portable dab rig. It looks to be smaller than the peak, though the mouthpiece is ridiculous. More suited for a desktop style of dabbing than on the go, we were shocked to see it announced at Champs Las Vegas.  Troy from 420Vapezone seemed to like it, based on his initial impressions he posted on Instagram. We’re looking forward to seeing it in action.


You can find the Xvape FOG and Xmax V2 PRO in our online shop.




Focusvape Pith

Priced at $29 MSRP, the Focusvape Pith surprised us. It had a tiny, sleek, minimalist look and fit in the palm of Randy’s hand. The mouthpiece looks a little cheap, but the price is amazing. It looks like a battery pack, and is extremely simple to use. They even claim there is an isolated airpath. What do you guys think about it? Compared to the current Focusvape lineup it is priced extremely low!

In this photo you can see Randy holding the Pith at Champs Trade Show 2018.







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