PuffItUp 710 Sale – Getting Oiled Up for Summer!

It’s finally Summer! The 4th of July and 7/10 are here again and in PuffItUp tradition we’re celebrating with big vapor rips and bigger discounts!

Our 710 Sale mixed with an Independence Day Sale mixed with a Summer Sale won’t be around long and these deals will only be available as stock allows. If you see a vaporizer or vape accessory you like grab it while you can!

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DynaVap VapCap Section – 20% Off: 6/29 through 7/4

VapCaps by DynaVap are among the smallest, quickest heating and most popular vaporizers available. They fit in nearly any pocket, heat in around 10 seconds or less with most butane torches and the unique stainless steel cap clicks audibly when you’ve added enough heat or need to add more. From the morning of 6/29 through the night of 7/4 all VapCap vaporizers and accessories in our DynaVap section will be discounted a full 20%, no coupon needed. We recommend checking out the OmniVap in XL or Carbon and of course the community favorite VapCap M. We’ve also got the new light and dark wood styles of the OmniVong and Ti NonaVong including the S and XLS. If you need a lighter to go with your new Cap you can add a Quad Flame Torch through any VapCap listing for only $4. Heads up: the cocobolo, blackwood, and bocote style VapCaps are no longer being produced so be sure to snag one before they’re all gone, you may not get another chance!

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W9 Everything – 20% Off with code: 710W9

Previous Generation W9 – 40% Off with code: W940

W9 Tech has been making concentrate vaporizers longer than nearly any other company and their Omicron line has always been one of the best known for dab-like performance in an ultra compact form. The Omicron V5 is the newest addition to the family and includes an updated battery with expanded wattage range, an Alpha Centauri V3 attachment and three different v3 atomizers: one titanium grade 2 ceramic dual coil, one titanium grade 2 quartz dual coil, and one W9 exclusive Sirius ceramic heater. Throughout our 710 Sale you can grab the Omicron V5, AC V3 or V3 atomizers for a full 20% off using code 710W9. We’ve also got some last generation W9 items including the Alpha Centauri, Alpha Globe V2, and Alpha Centauri V2 Atomizers for a full 40% off with code W940 before we run out!

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Arizer Air 2: $179  ||  Arizer Air Original: $131

Arizer Solo 2: $187  ||  Arizer Solo Original: $108

Arizer Extreme Q: $149  ||  Arizer V-Tower: $111

Arizer ArGo: $202  ||  Custom Accessories: 20% Off with Code: 710ARZ

Arizer has been making some of the heaviest hitting dry herb vapes for a decade and we’ve got their full lineup on our Summer Sale at our lowest possible pricing, no coupon code required! The V-Tower ($111) and Extreme Q ($149) are Arizer’s pure convection desktop vaporizers. The V-Tower is a direct draw whip unit while the Extreme Q can be used for direct draw whip, fan assisted whip, or to blow balloons full of thick, tasty vapor. The Solo ($108) and Air ($131) are Arizer’s original portables that still put out clouds in league with most pocket vapes being released today. The Solo 2 ($187) and Air 2 ($179) pair the heating efficiency and vapor output of their predecessors with increased battery life, OLED displays and digital controls. The Arizer Go ($202) is the newest release and unlike anything Arizer has made before. The vapor production and flavor of the Arizer Go are similar to the Air II and Solo II but the body is flatter and rectangular. The new shape along with a push top to protect the mouthpiece make the ArGo even more portable and pocket friendly than it’s older siblings. Be sure to check out the Solo 2 Teardown, Air 2 Teardown, and ArGo Teardown on Our Blog for insider info you won’t find anywhere else. These prices will only be around during our Summer Special and Arizer doesn’t allow discounts outside of approved sales so get ’em while they’re hot!

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Saionara, Top Airflow Saionara or EZ Sai Kit – 25% Off with Code: 710SAI

Use code 710SAI to get your Saionara in Stainless Steel or Titanium, Top Airflow Saionara or EZ Sai Kit for 25% off while they last! The Saionara wax attachment is 510 threaded for compatibility with nearly every box mod and includes a black ceramic and kanthal coil with an ideal heating range of 8-25W. The Titanium Sai is made of solid titanium to match the durability of stainless steel without the weight; it’s about 30g lighter and you can really feel the difference. The Top Airflow Sai has the standard air adjustment at the base plus a second air adjustment at the top for increased control. The EZ Sai Kit is an all-in-one oil vaporizer that pairs a stainless steel Saionara with a four setting battery and two different heating coils. The wattage setting is designed for the black ceramic kanthal coil while the three temperature settings are programmed to match the triple quartz titanium coil.

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LINX Hypnos or Hypnos Zero – Free Atomizer + 15% Off with Code: 710LINX

The LINX Hypnos and LINX Hypnos Zero are two of the slimmest, sleekest and most subtle wax pens. Hypnos pens are less than 11cm long and even though they’re made of medical grade stainless steel they somehow weigh less than 2 ounces. Both pens feature four temperature settings, borosilicate mouthpiece and a powerful li-ion battery that charges quickly through micro-USB. The difference between the original Hypnos and the Zero are the heaters: the original Hypnos atomizer is an absorbent ceramic rod wrapped with titanium coil while the Hypnos Zero atomizer is an absorbent ceramic donut with no exposed coil. In our experience the ceramic rod hits a little harder while the ceramic donut takes the edge in flavor and efficiency. From now until the end of our 710 Sale use coupon code 710LINX for 15% off plus an extra matching atomizer for your LINX Hypnos or Hypnos Zero!

boundless cf 710 sale Boundless CF-7 (CF-710) – 20% Off with Code: CF710

The CF-710 is a honey straw style concentrate vaporizer designed for oil rig level rips without a torch. Instead of loading directly onto the coils like a wax pen the CF-7 is best loaded by heating the coil for a moment and dipping it directly into your concentrate. The 710’s quartz heater provides maximum flavor while the absorbent ceramic heater creates the thickest vapor. The CF-710 heats instantly and the ultra compact 5.5″ stainless steel build is perfect for pocket portable dabbing. From now through 7/10 we’ve got the CF-710 and accessories for 20% off using coupon code CF710 – that’s a lot of 710!
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Black Saionara and iStick Pico Combo – $59 & Free Battery with Code: 710COMBO

The Saionara and Pico combo is a palm sized dab machine and our shop favorite wax vape. The black ceramic and kanthal coil included with the Sai heats instantly and the wide wattage range of the Pico lets you dial in your preferred setting for big hits, flavor and efficiency. The Pico Sai combo is made of durable and corrosion resistant metal, runs on a flat top 18650 and charges through standard micro-USB, ideal features for every day carrying. We’ve also got options to upgrade to the Titanium Saionara for $10 extra or the Top Airflow Saionara for $5. We’re throwing in a free authentic Samsung 25R 18650 battery with every Sai Pico combo purchased during our sale and you can also add coupon code 710COMBO to drop the the price of the standard combo down to $59. Make sure to get yours quickly, we expect this special to move fast!

If you’re looking for anything not listed on our 710 Independence Summer Sale try coupon code PUFFEDUP for 15% off nearly everything in our store. Keep an eye on our Reddit, Youtube and Instagram for upcoming giveaways, sales, vape tear downs, and reviews!

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