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Vape Zone’s Top 8 Vaporizer Review (Updated)

I shared my 8 favorite vapes here two years ago and it’s overdue for an update… or a whole new list.

The dry herb vape scene has grown and improved dramatically. That’s great news for users looking to upgrade to a vape! But now the choices are becoming overwhelming.

These are my most frequently used, and most recommended dry herb and concentrate vapes of 2018


Mighty portable vaporizer by storz and bickel tile

#1 Most Recommended: Mighty Vape

Let’s get this one out of the way. This is my absolute most used and highest recommended vaporizer. The Mighty is the easiest vape to load and unload – its simple twist-off cap opens the bowl for quick access. The Mighty produces about 8-12 hits of smooth and fluffy vapor with as little as .15g of dry herb in the bowl. The hybrid convection/conduction heating is perfectly balanced for great vapor taste and potency while the two internal batteries provide enough power for several days worth of heavy use. The Mighty is most expensive when you buy 3 or 4 wannabe-Mighty vapes first. 😉






Sticky brick Runt

#1 Game Changer Vape: Sticky Brick Runt

Not gonna lie, this vape changed my perspective. Despite my high tolerance, the entire Sticky Brick line-up can reliably put me on my ass. Quickly. The Sticky Brick Runt is a butane torch powered vape that can, if desired, rip through a .15g bowl in one potent rip. There’s some technique required to get the perfect hit, but it’s incredibly rewarding and oh-so-satisfying. The Sticky Brick can fully extract without combustion, giving you a much stonier and heavier feeling high – more similar to that of smoking. The Runt is my favorite.






The Ghost

The MV1 took a year of updates to get it right, but MAN did they get it right! The on-demand raw power of the MV1 is impressive. I use mine on the 2nd red setting and rip through a single crucible in one great hit (followed by two or three wispy leftovers). I love carrying the MV1 along with the crucible dispenser. That’s 6 great on-demand bowls in your pocket. I’ve managed to vape 13 crucibles on a single charge. The interface is a bit fidgety and may not be ideal for everyone, but I think the vapor is worth it if you can manage.






Boundless TERA

The TERA is a full-convection, or at least, mostly convection power-house. This vape is great for heavy hitters and vapor-bonging. The powerful convection heater quickly vaporizes up to .25 of dry herb and the stainless steel bowl is easy to maintain. The TERA includes two mouthpieces and a water pipe adapter. The TERA has become my go-to vape for water bong sessions. There are several mouthpiece mods for the TERA as well!







Healthy Rips Fury 2

The Fury 2 is my favorite budget vape at $139. The bowl size is perfect for micro-dosing and the vapor is potent and pleasant. The Fury has full temperature control for dialing in the perfect vapor or temp-stepping for maximum efficiency. The Fury 2 has been reliable and user feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The optional glass stem and glass water pipe adapter are fantastic add-ons!







Arizer Go / ArGo

The ArGo is a small vape with a sleek carry. The hidden glass stem stays protected within the body of the vape – no need for a case! The ArGo produces the same great vapor Arizer products are known. The extra stem and carrying tube make carrying the Argo super fun. The ArGo makes a great daily carry vape for an individual user who vapes multiple times per day. The removable 18650 battery makes it great for travel as well!







Vapcap M

This dry herb vape is one of the smallest and cheapest available. The Dynavap Vapcap M is a micro-torch powered vape that requires a touch of special attention. The entire vaping experience is interactive and therapeutic – taking the medicinal benefit beyond the plant itself. The heating technique is simple. Just heat the capped-tip of the vaporizer until it clicks, then take your hit.

The quality and potency of the hit can be controlled by subtle changes to your heating technique. I demonstrate several Vapcap vapes in this youtube video. The Vapcap vapes are incredibly lovable, especially with a DynaStash wooden case!





Boundless CF-710

I wanted to include one concentrate device on this list and I think the CF-710 is worthy of the attention. This device breaks away from traditional dab-rig methods and gives you more control of the dab. The CF-710 is an exposed coil attached to a stainless steel “dab straw” with a mouthpiece. I like carrying my concentrates in a small silicone or glass jar and dabbing directly out of the jar with the CF710. Boundless also makes a water pipe adapter which inverts the CF-710 and makes it into a handy little enail.





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2 comments on Vape Zone’s Top 8 Vaporizer Review (Updated)

  1. December 13, 2018 at 6:38 pmpop22 Reply to pop22
    I've owned the Mighty and it most certainly is NOT the number one vape, and given its lousy record for reliability, shouldn't even make the top ten! the line should be buy one replace it 10 times...... The MV1 and the Sticky Bricks are nice but certainly not very portable. But of course most reviews are based on potential sales, so of course the most expensive vapes are always "the best" . Yeah right, and I've got a gold plated Atmos I'll sell ya........
  2. December 25, 2018 at 3:57 amsome_redditor Reply to some_redditor
    Anecdotally, this does not line up with my personal experience. My Mighty is the most reliable vape and best I own. Additionally, S&B honors their warranty well. I am aware that the smaller Crafty has had reliability issues around the 90 hour mark of usage (that is sessions that total a use time of 90 hours), but that would be the only S&B product that I've seen problems with. I've tried many of these vapes (except the Ghost because I'm not interested in it) and more, and the Mighty consistently sits at the top. I own a SBJ that I run primarily at home with through water, sometimes on the go when camping; I own a Grasshopper that obviously has infinitely more reliability issues than anything I've owned; I have tried the entire Flowermate lineup, the entire Boundless lineup, the entire Pax lineup, Arizers, Vapcaps... you name it I've probably owned it or at the very least held it. The only vapes I have that would come near the Mighty in my confidence of reliability would be my butane powered vapes (most notably the Sticky Brick lineup and the Lotus) because well... duh. No electronics. Even my Vapcap, which is a tank and my second favorite vape of all time, could be put out of commission by a stupid stoned guy with a lighter. I dunno man, I'm sorry you've had poor experiences with S&B, that obviously sucks, but the majority of the time I don't see this as reflective of the vape or the company. >inb4 I'm a shill. No. I'm an active participant on the /r/vaporents forum and FuckCombustion and this, from my experience, is not representative of the overwhelming experiences I see on both forums (by individuals with zero stake in what you purchase from whatever company)