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April 20 Sale! (Every PuffItUp special through 4/20)

Our favorite holiday is finally here and we’ve got the good stuff! Nearly all of our favorite and most popular vapes have a limited time discount or combo to help you celebrate 4/20 in style!


20% off everything VapCap! No discount code needed! (APRIL 17-21)

From April 17th through the 21st our entire VapCap section will be 20% off including the brand new 2019 VapCap M! VapCaps are known for throwing dense, flavorful clouds in moments with a butane torch. They’re some of the smallest vapes available and tough as nails! We can only discount DynaVap products a few times per year and we can’t offer any rainchecks so grab that 20% special while you can!


boundless april 20 sale

20% off all Boundless vaporizers, no code needed!

From now through the end of our April 20 Sale we’re dropping a full 20% off every Boundless vaporizer! This special includes the XL chambered Boundless CFX and CF, the convection heating Tera, and the CF-710 dab straw!

ccell vaporizer april 20 sale

$1 CCell Cart with any CCell Palm, Silo or M3!

CCell 510 vaporizers are compatible with nearly every bottom airflow 510 cartridge and instead of a button they activate on inhale for ultimate convenience! Until our sale ends the CCell Palm, CCell Silo, and CCell M3 have an option to add any size CCell TH2 cart for only $1!

save 15% on most items

Don’t see the item you were looking for in our April 20 Sale? Try coupon code PUFFEDUP at checkout for 15% off nearly everything we have in stock!


volcano crafty mighty vaporizer april 20 sale

20% off the Mighty or Crafty with code CM420

15% off + 4 Replacement Bags with Volcano Classic or Digital: CANO420

The Crafty and Mighty are two of the most respected heavy hitting portables and the Volcano has long been known as the king of desktop vapes! Coupon code CM420 drops 20% off the Crafty or Mighty until the sale ends or we run out! We also added 4 free boxes of replacement balloons to the Volcano Classic and Digital along with 15% off using coupon code CANO420. We won’t be able to offer any rainchecks on S&B specials so don’t miss this sale!

da vinci miqro april 20 sale

15% Off + Free Battery with the DaVinci MIQRO: MIQRO420

The DaVinci MIQRO is tiny enough to hide in your palm, made from tough, sleek brushed aluminum and powered by an easily swappable 18350 battery! Until our 420 sale ends you can get 15% Off and a free extra battery with your MIQRO by using code MIQRO420 at checkout!

the sai sz crossing

Get the legendary Sai + Pico combo for $59 with code PICO420

Top Airflow Sai + Pico for $64 code: TAF420

20% Off Sai Attachments and Coils: SAI420

Saionara 510 attachments and combos are the perfect match for most box mods and concentrates! Through April 20th the original Sai and iStick Pico combo is only $59 with code PICO420 or you can get a Top Airflow Sai and Pico combo for $64 using code TAF420! For $10 you can upgrade your Saionara top section to real Titanium that weighs a full 30g+ less than steel! Everything else in our Saionara section will be 20% off with coupon SAI420!

arizer aprl 20th banner

Up to 35% off Arizer Air 2, Solo 2, ArGo and Extreme Q, no code needed!

Arizer makes some of the best vapes for passing around a group of friends. No technique required for lungbusting rips, just load and go! From now through April 20th you can get the Air 2, Solo 2, ArGo and Extreme Q vapes up to 35% off without a coupon!

herb grinders april 20 sale

20% off all grinders with code GRINDER420

Every single grinder we’ve got in stock is 20% off until our April 20 Sale ends! Colors and sizes are limited and we’ve only got a handful of each style; call dibs on your favorite!

healthy rips fierce fury 2 april 20 sale

$189 FIERCE and $109 Fury 2 through 4/20!

The Fierce and the Furious! Healthy Rip’s Kirksite pocket vapes are built like tanks and crank out dense clouds of convection fueled flavor! For 4/20 we’re dropping $30 off both the FIERCE and Fury 2 without a coupon for all time price lows of $189 and $109! Get em while they last!

w9 triton vporizer

50% off W9 Triton! Code: TRITON420

The W9 Triton is a 510 mod attachment including 5 different atomizers made from quartz, black ceramic and grade 2 titanium! Get a Triton for half off using code TRITON420 until we run out!

ditanium vaporizer april 20 sale

20% off the Ditanium with a free Carb Cap! Code: DITANIUM420

If you want to rip dry material and dab at the same time the Ditanium is your vape! The dry convection chamber is heated from a distance while the quartz nail is heated directly, resulting in the perfect temperature for each! Toss on coupon code DITANIUM420 before our April 20 sale is over for 20% off and a free Titanium Carb Cap!

aticky brick labs april 20 sale

20% off all Sticky Bricks! Code: SBL

Sticky Brick vaporizers are American made art and some of the best torch powered vapes ever released! Sticky Bricks heat instantly for pure convection on demand and the unique wood grains make each Brick one of a kind! Get 20% off any Sticky Brick Original, Junior, Runt, HydroBrick or HB Maxx by applying code SBL at checkout!

x vape x max starry for v2pro april 20 sale

25% Off Starry V2: STARRY420 // 15% Off Starry V3: V3STARRY420

35% off the Fog! Code: FOG420

XMax v2 Pro only $55 with a free grinder! Code: XMAX420

XVape portable vaporizers are some of the best bang for the buck on the market. They’re all made of metal, heat quickly with a removable 18650 battery and kick out plenty of flavorful vapor! The Starry V2 and V3 are both marked down to $89 and you can drop an extra 25% off the V2 with code STARRY420 or 15% off the V3 with code v3STARRY420! We also have the FOG for a full 35% off with code FOG420 and the XMAX V2 Pro for $55 with XMAX420!

epicvape e-nano enano 4/20 sale april 20th sale special

20% off EpicVape E-Nano with code EPIC420

E-Nano vaporizers are handcrafted in America out of stainless steel, ceramic, and gorgeous natural hardwood! Enanos are known for the efficiency to pull convection heated clouds from as little as .03g of material! Code EPIC420 is good for 20% off any wood style while stock lasts!

flowermate nano front page banner

30% off the Flowermate Nano! Code NANO420

The FM V5 Nano is the first convection / conduction hybrid vaporizer in Flowermate’s popular V5 line! The Nano’s pocket friendly dimensions and quick-swap 18650 battery make it a great choice for every day carry! Throw on code NANO420 before April 20th for 30% off the V5 Nano!

dr dabber switch april 20 sale

20% off the Switch with code SWITCH420

The Dr. Dabber Switch is the king of induction powered dabs on demand! Even large amounts of full melt material go down easy with the glass bubbler mouthpiece to smooth it out! Code SWITCH420 is good for 20% off the Switch until our sale ends or we run out!

flowermate slick april 20 sale

30% off the Slick with code SLICK420

The Slick vaporizer brings the convection heavy heating style and black ceramic chamber of the FM Nano to a tubular form! For 30% off the Slick try out coupon code SLICK420 at checkout!

flowermate april 20 banner

Flowermate V5s for only $65! Code: FM420

Flowermate V5 Pro for only $89! Code: PRO420

Flowermate V5 vaporizers are known for their pocket friendly form, built in mouthpiece storage, crazy quick heatup time and impressive battery life! The V5.0S is still one of Flowermate’s best and we’ve got them for $65 with code FM420. The V5 Pro steps the design up with a digital display and single digit temperature control – get yours for $89 using code PRO420 while they last!

pckt portable vaporizer april 20 banner

20% off PCKT everything with code PCKT420 – $1 Tank!

The PCKT is a heavy duty 510 cartridge vaporizer with an ultra tough metal build and dual activation modes! You can button activate the PCKT or if you’re using a bottom airflow cart you can simply inhale. Code PCKT420 will get you 20% off your PCKT and accessories plus we dropped the add-on price of all CCell carts down to just $1!

april 20th price match

If you find a better special on any of our sale items please send an email to info@puffitup.com and we’ll do our best to match or beat it!

Keep an eye on our Reddit, Instagram and Youtube pages – we’ve got plenty more contests, previews, reviews and vape porn on the way!

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  1. April 12, 2019 at 12:03 amPete Price Reply to Pete Price
    I tried to use MICRO420 coupon code, but it didn't accept it. Charged full price, what's up? Did I screw up or what?