fierce vaporizer teardown

FIERCE Vaporizer Teardown (Healthy Rips) – Take a look inside

FIERCE Vaporizer TearDown

Hello again and welcome to another exciting TearDown. Today we are ripping apart the FIERCE Vaporizer by Healthy Rips. We rip apart vaporizers so you don’t have to. Everything we do here will void your warranty.

Healthy Rips

The FIERCE vaporizer is a hard hitting portable herb vaporizer. If you want to know more about this vaporizer and how it functions check out our full review


FIERCE Mouthpiece

The Mouthpiece slides onto the FIERCE and locks into place with two magnets

The PET resin outer shell insulates the glass airpath. Cured silicon cushions the glass on both sides, this seals the airpath and helps protect the glass . The screen is made of stainless steel and attaches to the mouthpiece with the help of the outer blue silicone ring.


Battery Door

Obviously an easy part to remove. The battery door consists of the cover and a flat screw. Removing the screw requires a small coin and the rest comes apart nice and easy.

Shell Removal

4 hex screws sit under the battery door. These screws hold the shell to the inner chassis.

Once you remove the screws, the FIERCE chassis slides out from the top.

The chassis houses the heating element away from the electronics. The chamber is placed at the bottom of the vaporizer, making the airpath isolated with minimal effort.

This outer shell is made of Kirksite alloy and has a rubberized coating. This coating adds some grip to the vaporizer, it also has aesthetic value because it makes the vaporizer look nice.

The FIERCE is a larger vaporizer. The display is up top, circuitry on the side and a chamber on the other side. The giant battery takes up the majority of the internal space.

A battery port that is fully isolated from other parts is always nice to see.


Healthy Rips kept it simple by utilizing one board for all its components. The usb-c and control buttons are on the board. The haptic sensor sits below the digital display.

The Chamber

The chamber and lower airpath is stainless steel. The outer shell and a cotton wrap insulate the chamber. The yellow tape is heat resistant Kapton. All these materials are outside the airpath.

The thin wire is the temperature gauge. It connects to the outside of the stainless steel chamber.

Pressure fitted into place, the Stainless Steel parts had to be pried apart. There were no signs of glue or any other unwanted materials. The heating coil sits inside the airpath underneath the chamber.

The battery is a 3.7v 4050MAH Lithium Polymer.

We took the cover of the battery off to get a better look however we aren’t brave (foolish) enough to completely take it apart. The LiPo battery has a  small programmable board controlling output.


We have to thank Healthy Rips for encouraging this post. Sometimes manufacturers like it when we discuss their vaporizers internals, sometimes they don’t. Healthy Rips has been one of the very few that has supported us dissecting their products.

The Kirksite shell makes your FIERCE vaporizer feel nice and sturdy. The internal parts are separated from each other. Your airpath is fully isolated and materials appear to be used properly. The FIERCE is very similar to the Fury 2 just on a larger scale. We like this because the Fury has proven to be a great product with low warranty issues.

Tell us what you think!

We would love to know your thoughts about the FIERCE and our TearDown. Leave us any questions or comments below.

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3 comments on FIERCE Vaporizer Teardown (Healthy Rips) – Take a look inside

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  2. December 7, 2019 at 10:40 amSandeep Reply to Sandeep
    Thank you for the teardowns man! these have been educational.
  3. January 6, 2020 at 9:56 pmEd Reply to Ed
    These teardowns install confidence in us. I like to see how its put together, what the components are, what the metal is made of and how safe it is. Nice to see this is isolated. My only concern is with the blue silicone