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Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve collaborated with the manufacturers of our favorite vaporizers this year to get you the best possible Green Friday Cyber Monday  Christmas deals, and with a ton of vapes to choose from, there’s something for everyone! The Holidays are approaching so take advantage of these prices while you can and while supplies last!

*** We will keep adding more sales. Reload this page several thousand times a day to get the best deals ***


crafty mighty vaporizer green friday 2019

Mighty + Bubbler Combo: Click here!

15% off the Crafty/Mighty with code PUFFEDUP

Storz &Bickel have a reputation for having super stout vapes that are on top of the top shelf in the vape industry. The Mighty is All Might, and with 20% more battery power than before, it hits harder than an Oklahoma Smash. Grab one for 15% off by using the code PUFFEDUP at checkout!

x max fog green friday 2019 sale


The X-Max Fog is only $75 with the code FOGGREEN!

The aptly named Fog is the first convection/conduction hybrid by X-Max and it’s one of our favorites! It makes a fantastic starter vaporizer and is perfect for daily portable use! For today only, grab one for only $75 using the code FOGGREEN at checkout!


green friday 2019 rio vaporizer

The Rio – 20% Off + Freebies: RIOGREEN

Who needs coils? Not you if you’ve got yourself a Rio concentrate vaporizer! The Rio is a cold start all-in-one concentrate vaporizer that doesn’t require any coils, is easy to clean, and makes a colorful and fun addition to any collection! Use the code RIOGREEN to get 20% off and a free PuffItUp Silicone Mat and a PuffItUp Titanium Tool!

Carta Cyber Monday Sale!

Focus V Carta  V2 Original  – $50 0ff!

If you’re on a quest for the Holy Grail, you might be interested in the super portable Carta! The Carta is ready for adventures and stay-at-home sessions. Want to use it to vaporize your favorite concentrate? Just pop in an included quartz or titanium bucket and it’s ready to roll! Select the original option and use the code CARTA at checkout!

green friday 2019 sai vaporizer

Sai Original and Pico Combo – $59: PICOGREEN

Top Airflow Sai and Pico Combo – $65: TAFGREEN

All Other Saionara Products – 20% off: SAIGREEN

The Sai is like a sigh of relief for concentrate lovers. It has adjustable airflow and is 510 threaded for compatibly with tons of different mods, though we’re pretty big fans of the Eleaf iStick Pico. There are a lot of different coil options for our flavor chaser friends and our cloud lovers alike, so the Sai is perfect for everyone! ahh that’s nice! Get The Sai and Pico combo for $59 by using the code PICOGREEN at checkout, the Top Airflow Sai and Pico combo for $65 with TAFGREEN or any other Sai products for 20% off using SAIGREEN!



green friday 2019 arizer air solo argo portable

ArGo – $169.99

Air 2 – $169.99

Solo 2 – $169.99

Reliable, compact and perfect for longer or shorter sessions, Arizer can’t be beat! Each unit gives a stellar performance. Choose the Solo 2 for that longer battery life, an Air 2 for easy to replace batteries if you like swapping out on the go, or the ArGo if you want something with a twist and a super useful way to protect your glass! You don’t need to use a code to get these prices just click on any of the links to grab yours today!

Terp Pen Green Friday Sale

Boundless Terp Pen – 20% Off: TERPGREEN

The Boundless Terp Pen is a super easy to use concentrate pen that you have to add to your collection. You don’t have to worry about settings, options or buttons. The Terp Pen does almost all of the work for you. All you have to do is inhale! Check out this Teardown to learn more! Get a Terp Pen for 20% off by using the code TERPGREEN at checkout!


RYOT Cases- 20% off: RYOTGREEN

Travel in style with a RYOT case! All RYOT cases have customizable padding, water resistance material, and x-straps to secure and protect your items. Grab a hard case to protect your more delicate items while you’re traveling. RYOT also uses smell resistant technology! All fabric cases have a special coating to block smells and every case is lined with carbon padding to help absorb those scents. The moisture seal zippers also help to keep odors in and unwanted moisture out! Grab one for 20% off by using the code RYOTGREEN when you check out!


green friday cf 710 2019 sale boundless vaporizers

The Boundless CF-7 is only $69 with code CF7GREEN!

The Boundless CF-7 is a fantastic concentrate pen with changeable ceramic or quartz tips instead of atomizers! It heats up within a few moments and is made to be durable and portable so you can take it anywhere, anytime. (You know except places you shouldn’t take it…) The Boundless CF-7 is now available for only $69 until sell out of our stock! Grab your discount by entering CF7GREEN at checkout!

green friday 2019 x vape starry

Starry V3 – 20% Off + Free WPA: STARRYGREEN

The X-Max Starry is back and you’re going to love the V3! It’s the same fabulous compact vaporizer you loved before, but with an upgraded battery door and mouthpiece screen, haptic (vibrating) feedback, and improved insulation! The Starry has a removable battery for easy swapping on the go and a durable and super discreet little body that we adore. Get one for 20% off by using the code STARRYGREEN at checkout!



x max v2 pro green friday

X-Max V2 Pro – $55: V2PROGREEN

Everybody’s favorite, the X-Max V2 Pro is a token vaporizer in the industry for being one of the easiest to use and best beginner friendly vaporizers. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member who’s new to vaping, this is the one for you. It has a removable battery that can easily be swapped out for another fully charged battery on the go, 5 temperature settings, a 45 minute battery life, and is compact for portability! Grab one for only $55 by entering the code V2PROGREEN at checkout!



flowermate slick green friday 2019

Flowermate Slick – $59: SLICKGREEN

I was going to make a real Slick joke here but I think I’ll just let you know about the Flowermate Slick. It’s a convenient, pen shaped, easy to use vaporizer with a replaceable battery and a magnetic cap that protects your mouthpiece and sticks to the bottom of your vape for easy storage while you puff. Now THAT’S Slick. Check out our video review of this pen here or check out a teardown of this slick little vaporizer here! Grab yourself or a friend a Slick for the holidays by entering the code SLICKGREEN at checkout! What a great gift!


green friday 2019 boundless tera

Boundless Tera- 20% off: TERAGREEN

“One is good so two must be better!” That’s true when it comes to the Tera V3! Two removable batteries make the Tera V3s battery life out of this world AND it allows the vape to run at higher temperatures so that you can easily vape concentrates as well as dry material. It’s primarily convection to give you huge, tasty, powerful clouds and includes a crisp, clear OLED display! Grab one for 20% off using the code TERAGREEN


green friday 2019 epic vape

EpicVape E-Nano – 15% Off: EPICGREEN

The EpicVape E-Nano is the perfect companion! The E-Nano is made using all American wood and is perfect for dry, oily, and waxy material. It’s convection dominant, super powerful, super efficient and has a total of eleven settings! Grab one today for 15% off by using the code EPICGREEN at checkout!


green friday 2019 ccell

CCell vapes- 15% off: CCELLGREEN and add a tank for only $2.50!

We sell CCells down by the seashore… well it’s actually a lake but you get it! The CCell vaporizers are 510 threaded for compatibility with most pre-filled, bottom airflow tanks (though we definitely recommend sticking with the CCell brand cartridges because they’re the best!) The CCell units are super easy to use and are activated simply by inhaling and have around 200 draws per full charge! Choose the Silo for the rounder body style or the Palm for a more boxy style. They’re both super pocket friendly and have fantastic color options! Get one for 15% off by using the code CCELLGREEN at checkout and add on a tank for only $2.50!


Jyarz Green Friday Sale


All Jyarz – 20% off: JYARZGREEN

Jyarz are fantastic storage containers that not only come in a ton of fun colors and sizes but are air tight with thick seals and UV blockers to keep materials fresh for longer! Jyarz are highly smell proof and water proof and include an internal glass container that is protected by built in shock absorbers. They’re reusable and environmentally friendly! Pick up a Jyarz of your choice for 20% off by using the code JYARZGREEN at checkout!






green friday 2019 boundless cf cfx

Boundless CFX – $109: CFXGREEN

Boundless CF – $70.85: CFGREEN!

You can really see the effects of the CFX and CF vaporizers by Boundless! Both units are conduction dominant hybrids with some of the largest loading capacity you can find in a portable unit. Boundless created vaporizers that are incredibly efficient with your material and maintain an awesome battery life. The CF has five different temperature settings to choose from and 5 LED lights to guide the way. The CFX is a bit larger in size and offers a full temperature range from 100-430 degrees Fahrenheit. The CFX also features a large, clear OLED screen and vibration feedback! See the CFX chuck some clouds in our video review! These prices are only available for Green Friday until the end of Cyber Monday so grab yours ASAP! Just enter the code CFXGREEN or CFGREEN at checkout!

green friday 2019 da vinci

Davinci IQ- $229.00 + Free Battery: IQGREEN

Davinci Miqro- $119.00: MIQROGREEN

Davinci Miqro Explorer’s Collection- $159.00: EXPLOREGREEN

Davinci vaporizers are absolutely a work of art! These precision vaporizers bring out the best from your dry material with pure zirconia ceramic vapor paths, a smart phone app that lets you customize your flavor path and temperature settings, and a zirconia pearl to ensure even heating! The Davinci IQ is perfect for those who enjoy medium to heavy sessions and the Miqro is going to be your best friend if you’re searching for something tiny this Green Friday. It is 33% smaller and 40% lighter for one of the most compact portables we’ve seen! Check out our video review of the Miqro here!

green friday 2019 price match

Found a better deal? Let us know!

Let us know if you find a better deal from another authorized seller online and we’ll do what we can to see if we can match that price or deal! Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also find us on reddit to join in on the fun conversations going on there! Keep an eye on our Instagram as well! You never know if we’ll post more fun Green Friday news!

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  1. November 24, 2019 at 2:52 amYogueth Reply to Yogueth
    Any ArGo sales going on?
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    I cannot add Focus V Carta to the cart says titanium tool it not available, can you fix that so I can order the device.d
  3. November 25, 2019 at 4:36 amSean Reply to Sean
    Hey I was looking to get the Arizer Solo 2 at the best deal possible. Will you guys be adding more deals as we get closer towards Cyber Monday? Id be happy to buy from ya'll if the price could be discounted below the current offer right now.
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    I’m really hoping for the fury edge to drop in price a bit
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    Any deals on arizer stuff? Im looking at an air II this year and would love to support your site
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    Can you get the flowermate V5x in stock or the Flowermate Pro It is out of stock now.p
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    Any deals on the Rio?
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    Please bring back the $35 18M. I had it in my cart, then poof deal was gone.
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    Seconded. While I understand the flash sale concept, I wish I were given the chance to finish checkout. At least cap it out by number of units in the cart? I don't know, there's room for improvement.