X-Max V2 Pro User Guide

X-Max V2 Pro – What to Know!

Everything you need to know about using the X-Max V2 Pro!

The X-Max V2 Pro is a fantastic, easy to use, budget vaporizer that’s perfect for anyone. Here’s everything you need to know to get started!

The battery Insert

When you unbox your X-Max V2 Pro, the first thing you should do is remove the protective silicone piece from the battery compartment. These ship with this piece inserted to keep the battery safe. If you keep it in there, your X-Max won’t charge or power on. Pop it off of the positive terminal and place the battery back into the device.

X-Max V2 Pro Not Working

Charge the Xvape!

The X-Max V2 Pro can be charged with the included Micro USB cable. Plug it into an AC adapter and let it charge up! The XMax V2 Pro takes about two hours to charge from empty to full.

Charging X-Max V2 Pro

Doing a burnoff in the Xmax VII Pro!

We recommend  performing a burn-off cycle on any new electronic dry-herb vaporizer to remove any oils potentially left over from manufacturing. To do this, make sure the chamber is empty. You won’t want material in there for the burn-off. Press your power button three times in a row to turn it on. The LED will flash and go blank. Hold the button to begin heating. Press the button down for 2 seconds to adjust the temperature. Set it to a max 428 degrees Fahrenheit and let it run. It will shut off automatically after a few minutes and you’re good to go!

X-Max V2 Pro Burn Off

Ready your Material!

The material you use and your grind both have a huge impact on vapor production. We recommend using dry, high quality material. Using a Boveda or Integra humidity pack can help maintain the quality and proper humidity for some fantastic results.

Humidity Control

Grind it!

Now you can grind your herbs up! We recommend using a fine grind. If your grinder has a little chunkier consistency, grind it upside down to bust it up more. One it’s dry and finely ground, pack it in the chamber.

Trees Grinder PuffItUp!

Packing the X-max!

We recommend packing a full chamber for the best results. If you’re looking for more airflow, try filling up the chamber without tamping it down – tapping the side of the device is a great way to get it to settle into place! If it’s more than you intend to use, that’s okay! You can use a lower temperature and save the rest of your material.

Packing the X-Max V2 Pro

How to use the X Max V2 Pro

Activate the X-Max by clicking the power button 3 times in rapid succession. The LED will flash and shut off. After a few seconds, hold the button down to start heating. Adjust your temperature by holding the button for 2 seconds. Select from 356 degrees Fahrenheit, 374, 392, 410 and 428. Take slow (10-15 second) inhales for the best results. It should feel similar to taking a long sip of a thick milkshake, or like sipping on a hot coffee. A long, slow, smooth drag should produce the best clouds of vapor! Turn it off by pressing the button 3 times.


Safety Auto-Shutoff

Your X-Max V2 Pro will shut off automatically after 5 minutes for safety. Simply turn it back on by pressing the button 3 times to continue your session.


Cleaning the X-Max V2 Pro

Cleaning supplies:

Poker tool (included with X-Max VII Pro)

Cotton Swabs

Paper Towels

91% or higher Isopropyl Alcohol

One pint of Elbow Grease


X-Max V2 Pro Cleaning


Disassembling the XMax VII Pro is easy! The mouthpiece pops right off, and you can remove the screen assembly from the mouthpiece.


The screen can be removed from the screen assembly with a poker tool, and a new screen can be inserted.

X-Max V2 Pro Inserting the Screen


The default and silicone mouthpieces can be cleaned with hot water and dish soap if needed. This can help remove any lingering flavor.


The glass portion of the glass mouthpiece, bubbler mouthpiece and WPA attachments can all be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

Insert the Screen X-Max V2 Pro


The chamber of the device can be cleaned by warming it up, holding it upside down and swabbing the inside of the oven with a cotton swab and a drop of isopropyl alcohol. We recommend performing a burn off if you swab the oven with isopropyl to remove any residual alcohol.


The chamber screen of the Xvape V2 Pro can be removed by warming the device up and using a metal poker tool to scrape against it. Scraping in circular motions should provide enough leverage to get some lift on the screen. Replace it with a new chamber screen or clean it.


If you don’t have new screens on hand, you can always use a little isopropyl alcohol and some paper towels to gently scrub off any residue.

X-Max V2 Pro Cleaning the Screen


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2 comments on X-Max V2 Pro – What to Know!

  1. March 5, 2020 at 1:53 pmpop22 Reply to pop22
    I've owned three of these. ABSOLUTE JUNK! I don't know why you even sell these. The frist one lasted 2 months, and I'm not a heavy user, it was use 2 and sometimes three times in a day. The replacement was DEAD in the box, and the third lasted three weeks! I should have had a clue when it looked and felt cheap ans junky.... my old Hebe Titan 2 was a better vape and it wasn't great......... Sad to see you even selling this crap!
  2. March 17, 2020 at 9:56 pmtingley beach bum Reply to tingley beach bum
    The two X-MAX V2 Pro vapes that I own are great. the instructions here will get you going. In general, I use the custom glass mouthpiece, which doesn't get as dank as the silicone rubber one that comes with the device. I've tried almost everything to clean the silicone, but it seems that frequent use will just lace it with skunk smell. On the other hand, the glass piece wipes clean perfectly with some isopropyl, and the extra diameter of the screen for the glass mouthpiece is great for air flow. The temperature settings are great. You can go low and go slow, working up to 410F. Really, with some decent flower, you'd hardly need to go above 410. Spare your vocal chords.