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Puffitup = Authorized Iolite Vaporizer Dealer

     Thanks to the makers of Iolite, we are now one of the few authorized Iolite Vaporizer dealers! Buying from an Authorized Dealer guarantees that you will always get the newest version, our great service, and the iolite 2 year warranty ( Unauthorized Dealers are unable to cover you with the iolite 2 year warranty…

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Puff It Up Mega Awesome Fuck Combustion Contest!

Better get over to Fuck Combustion and enter our free stuff contest. We got some great prizes to give away this week from brands including Magic Flight, Space Case, etc….. Contest ends Wednesday October 13 🙂

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Make A Wish (:      We saw on a forum customers were talking about us. One said “Puffitup is is the best, I just wish they sold the vaporgenie.”      Well, ok, you got it! Thanks to that forum poster we now have a full line of Vapor Genie Vaporizers. If the person who made that forum…

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Authorized Zephyr Ion Dealer

We are proud to be one of the few Authorized Zephyr Ion Dealers!  Zephyr makes one of the best forced air vaporizers ever made. We look forward to working with Zephyr Vaporizers for a long time! If you have not seen the Zephyr yet, you can find it Here

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Magic Flight Launch Box

When we started , our goal was to try every vaporizer on the market and only sell the best. There were a lot of vaporizers we wanted to try right away, and a lot we looked at and put in the maybe pile. Originally, the Magic Flight Launch Box was in that maybe pile.…

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Iolite Vaporizer

Iolite Vaporizer Review

  All right boys and girls, welcome to what should be the first of many product reviews. The main reason we are doing reviews is to give you our honest opinion of products before you buy them. We only sell products that we would use ourselves. However, our goal here is to be as honest…

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