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Is the Flash Vape the next big thing?

We are excited to get our hands on the newest version of the Flash Vape and try it out. Flash Vape is one of the newer Vaporizer manufactures and they sure take a lot of pride in their product. Few Vaporizers have that “They don’t make them like this anymore” feeling. The solid aluminum design…

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Good Glass is Good. Vaporcentric Glass high end glass

Good Glass blowers are hard to find, Vapor Centric Glass  focuses on hand made pipes and Vaporizer accessories. The only thing better than Vapor Centric glass work is their prices, it’s uncommon that you find an American glass blower of this caliber selling their artwork for such low prices. Check out their store Here. We just…

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A little artwork for our frients

Our good FriENT’s on Reddit ( yes it is spelled “frients” )  always ask us to draw random stuff on their packages. Here is a sample of todays terrible artwork. Thanks to everyone on /r/trees and /r/vaporents for all your support!    

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Get your Arizer Solo for $160!

Thats Right! Get the Solo and a Grinder for only $160 with code “SoloVC” Or get the Solo, Grinder and Vape case for $190 with code SoloVC Or get the Solo, Grinder and Power Adapter for $190 with code PA Get Your Solo HERE

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Puffit Vaporizers are back in stock

And they are shipping with Free 2-3 day Priority. Order today and get it before Christmas! Get your Puffit Here 

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Iolite WISPR Sale, Any Iolite WISPR Vaporizer for $155!

All Iolite WISPR Vaporizers are now on sale for only $155! Use discount code “WISPR”

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