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Iolite WISPR Sale, Any Iolite WISPR Vaporizer for $155!

All Iolite WISPR Vaporizers are now on sale for only $155! Use discount code “WISPR”

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New Stink Sack Smell Proof Bags

     Introducing the very new smell proof Stink Sack bags. These bags completely cover the smell of anything you can put in them, guaranteed. Stink Sack bags are made to be reused many times and are even dishwasher safe! 

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The new Honey Bee BHO Extractor !

Looking for the best way to make oil? Check out our new Honey Bee Extractors!

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The New and Improved Arizer Solo stem from Ed’s TnT

We just got our hands on the new Granadillo stem from Eds’tnt! The new version has an added pin to keep the bowl sturdy. Ed’s stems have a much stronger air flow than the normal stems and have a tapered tip that fits in most water pipes 🙂 Het your new Solo Stem HERE 

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Arizer Solo Sale, Get the Solo for $160 and the Vape Case for Only $30

Get the Solo Here Check out the Vape Case Here Code “SOLO160” = Arizer Solo for $160 Code “SOLOVC” = Arizer Solo + Vape Case for $190

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