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Is this the M-108 Arizer Solo? Kind of, yea.

For a month or two now the Arizer Solos marked as M-107 were the most current version. We just got a new batch of Solos and noticed the production numbers have completely changed. Some people are referring to the new version as the M-108.  Check out our latest sale on the Arizer Solo Here

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The New Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer, all new 2012 design with a Dark Black Color

     Alright, we are excited about this. Arizer just upgraded their ever so popular Extreme Q vaporizer with a new look and new internal components. The new color looks awesome, but looks aren’t everything. The new Extreme Q has a new digital display that is super accurate and lets you adjust the temperature one degree…

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Vaporizers with free shipping to Canada?

Yep, we do that. We love our Canadian friends and we have made these Vaporizer Combos with free shipping to Canada.

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Thermo Vape Sale!

For a very very limited time, get the Thermo Vape for $175 with code “TV”

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Magic Flight Discount Codes.

We already have the best Magic Flight Combos, but just to sweeten the deal here are some of our most popular MFLB coupon codes.  “BATTERIES” Get a free set of OEM batteries  “OEM”           The very popular OEM MFLB grinder free “SCALE”        Get a free Digital Scale with…

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Our Favorite Vaporizers!

     We just updated our Favorite Vaporizer section to show off some of the coolest vaporizers we have seen this week. Check them out       The new Da Vinci Vaporizer is a very nice Portable Vaporizer that has a nice long battery life and a digital display. The Da vinci is without a…

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