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Boundless Terp Pen User Guide

Boundless Terp Pen Guide

How to use and clean your New Boundless Terp Pen You’ve received your new Boundless Terp Pen in the mail! Bask in its glory, charge it up, and you’re ready to puff it up! Here are a few methods we suggest to help you do just that and a cleaning tutorial too! Method one -…

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How to use the Saionara Vaporizer Banner

How to use your new Saionara and Pico!

How to use your new Saionara and Pico Combo If you’re new to using a Saionara and Pico combo, no worries! We’ve got you covered with some easy instructions to get you started! Wattage Mode Start by removing the top cap of your atomizer and then install your coil if it’s not arrived pre-installed or…

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Eleaf iStick Pico How to Use Banner

Getting to know your Eleaf iStick Pico – Instructions

The iStick Pico – Get to know your new box mod! The Eleaf iStick Pico is a box mod with 510 threading and a wattage range from 1 to 75W for compatibility with nearly every 510 oil attachment. It has temperature control modes for nichrome, titanium and stainless steel heating elements with a range of…

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Focus V Carta Flame Off 2019 – Las Vegas Recap

We attended the Carta Flame Off in Las Vegas and it was such a good time that we can’t NOT tell you about it! Hello internet! As you know, we LOVE the Focus V Carta V2 and if you didn’t know that, then you need to go take a peek at this blog we wrote…

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carta teardown

Focus V Carta V2 Teardown! Hey all! We are stoked to share this one with ya! Today we’ve put together a Focus V Carta V2 teardown so you can see what’s inside of it without taking your own unit apart and voiding your warranty. Before we get started, let’s talk about The Carta a bit.…

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Terp Pen Tear Down

Terp Pen Vaporizer Mini-TearDown Hey there! Welcome to another PuffItUp Teardown! Today we’d like to share a mini Teardown of the Boundless Terp Pen V1 and the new Boundless Terp Pen V2. Boundless Terp Pen V1 Our focus in this mini Teardown is on the insulators covering the wires in the center of the picture…

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fierce vaporizer teardown

FIERCE Vaporizer Teardown (Healthy Rips) – Take a look inside

FIERCE Vaporizer TearDown Hello again and welcome to another exciting TearDown. Today we are ripping apart the FIERCE Vaporizer by Healthy Rips. We rip apart vaporizers so you don’t have to. Everything we do here will void your warranty. Healthy Rips The FIERCE vaporizer is a hard hitting portable herb vaporizer. If you want to…

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The 9 step guide to using the Vapcap M [2019] – PuffItUp!

Hey Internet! I’m Zakk, and this is how I use my Vapcap M in 2019. We’re all fanboys of the Dynavap products at PuffItUp! Especially the new 2019 Vapcap! Just got your first Vapcap? Let’s start vaping. Step #1: Loading the Vaporizer Step #2: Flame Positioning Step #3: Flame Length Step #4: Rotating the Vapcap M…

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flowermate slick teardown main

Flowermate Slick Vaporizer Teardown! (Don’t try this at home)

The Slick Vaporizer is Flowermate’s newest convection / conduction hybrid with a removable 18650 battery and residue resistant black ceramic chamber. Let’s take a look inside! Magnetic Mouthpiece Cover The Slick’s mouthpiece cover connects magnetically at the top of the unit to keep out any dust or pocket debris. Magnetic connections can’t wear down like…

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AERO Convection Vaporizer by Focus V: Our First Look

The AERO Vaporizer is a dual chamber convection portable by the new American design branch of FocusVape. We’ve been heavily “testing” the pre-release model – here are our initial thoughts! Vapor Production Pure convection vaporization isn’t usually known for vapor density but the AERO delivers the good stuff. The first couple of hits are nearly pure…

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Aero teardown by focus v vaporizers

AERO Vaporizer Teardown (Warning: Graphic Vape Destruction)

The first vape released in 2019 is the AERO Vaporizer by Focus V, the new American design team of FocusVape. The AERO promises dual loading chambers, convection heating, and a fully isolated airpath. We’re going to test these claims in the only way we know how: breaking it beyond repair! The AERO Vaporizer – Final Moments…

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Lighter Maintenance – Purge and Refill your Dynavap Lighter

Why do you need to purge your Dynavap Lighter? Lighters do not come prefilled with butane. Instead, they are filled with many atmospheric gasses. If you mix these gasses with butane the other gasses will consistently cause the flame to flicker and burn out. Purging the torch lighter allows you to refill the tank with…

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First look – Davinci MIQRO

DAVINCI A brand that matches beautiful design with some extremely innovative features. The Davinci MIQRO is the fourth vaporizer Davinci has released. It looks very similar to their Davinci IQ, as if they stuck it in Szalinzki’s Shrinking Machine and set it to the ‘miqro’ setting. It features a ceramic conduction oven as well as a…

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flowermate v5 nano review

Flowermate Nano Review

Check out Randy’s Flowermate Nano video Review on Youtube! Flowermate’s claim to fame is their v5 series vaporizers. They are known for being extremely reliable at a great price. It has been quite a while since FM has added a new portable vaporizer to this lineup. After being a work in progress for several years,…

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Healthy rips fury 2 review

Healthy Rips Fury 2 Vaporizer Review

Watch the FURY 2 video review HERE The Fury 2 is Portable AF The Fury 2 is an extremely small portable vaporizer; at only 3 inches tall and less than 5 ounces the Fury is one of the most compact herb vapes we’ve seen. Most of the F2’s weight is the Kirksite unibody, an ultra…

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arizer argo teardown

ArGo Teardown – Ripping Arizer’s Newest Portable (Apart)

The ArGo (Arizer Go) is the newest portable vaporizer from Arizer, one of the most popular names in herb vapes. The ArGo’s form and style are unique from any other Arizer pocket vaporizer but what about the internals? WARNING: Do not attempt this vape teardown, removing any parts other than the mouthpiece and battery will void…

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healthy rips fury 2 portable vaporizer teardown

Fury 2 Teardown – New Year, New Vape Destruction!

 Fury 2 Disassembly – First Vape Teardown of 2018! The Fury 2 vaporizer from Healthy Rips was one of the last vapes released before the New Year and vapor clouds on par with units 2-5x larger make it a prime contender for vape of the year 2017. To figure out what makes this bad boy…

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slacker sale blog banner

Slacker Sale – Last Minute Procrastination Specials!

The Slacker Sale is an annual PuffItUp tradition honoring the most unsung of heroes among us: the procrastinators hurriedly buying last minute holiday gifts. We’re supporting our lagging compatriots with free Domestic USPS Express Shipping and discounts on some of our most popular vaporizers! These Specials Will Only Be Active Through 12/25; don’t put off the…

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air 2 teardown main

Arizer Air 2 Teardown and Disassembly

Arizer AIR 2 Disassembled – breaking vapes down and gettin’ all up in there!  Arizer is one of the most trusted names in the vaporizer industry and their vapes are known for top tier build quality and performance. Their first portable on the scene was the Arizer Solo which quickly gained a huge following for…

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da vinci iq real vs fake

Fake DaVinci IQ – Always Buy Authorized

The DaVinci IQ is one of our favorite pocket portable vapes thanks in part to top tier materials and build quality. Sadly there are low quality fakes of the IQ and nearly every other popular vaporizer model being produced. We got our hands on a DV IQ clone directly from DHGate to help you spot…

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linx giai vaporizer teardown

Linx GAIA Teardown

We’ve been waiting a while for dry herb portables to adopt the “box mod” style form and the LINX Gaia is the first we’ve seen that really nails the look and feel. The first thing you notice about the Gaia is that it’s incredible tiny. At 2″ x 1″ x 3.1″ and about 5 ounces…

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puffitup da vinci iq vaporizer teardown main

Da Vinci IQ Teardown

There’s a lot to like about the Da Vinci IQ. It’s a super small vaporizer with a sexy look and solid vapor production. Personally, this is my favorite mini vaporizer. One of my favorite features is the replaceable battery. You don’t see that in a lot of vapes this small. The size makes this a…

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710 Sale puffitup

710 Sale – Concentrate your Mind on Boundless and W9!

Concentrate your mind on our 710 Sale with limited deals on W9 and Boundless vapes for oils, waxes, shatters and other full melt extracts! Omicron V5, Alpha Centauri V3 and ACV3 Atomizers – 20% Off with Code: W920 The new Omicron V5 and Alpha Centauri V3 are here and the differences are subtle but major.…

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boundless cfx 2 cfv 2 and new desktop

Boundless CFX 2.0, CFV 2.0 and Desktop Revealed!

Boundless dropped some big news on their Live Stream Friday evening – 3 brand new vapes are coming our way! We’re collecting all the details we can and gathering all the information right here on our Blog. Keep in mind all three of these vaporizer designs are still in development so any features or specifications could change…

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PuffItUp april 20th sale 420 sale 4-20 sale

PuffItUp April 20th Extravaganza!

April 20th is finally here again and we’re celebrating with limited time 4/20 specials, combos, freebies and discounts on our favorite vapes! Boundless CFX or CF – 20% Off with code: BND20 Boundless CFX or CF – 15% Off + Water Pipe Adapter with code: BNDWPA We’ve gotta start strong, it’s 4/20 tradition! The Boundless CFX and CF…

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Vivant Alternate Firmware update shut off heat up review

Vivant Alternate – Firmware Updates Made Easy

The Vivant Alternate is one of the few herb vapes available with software that can be updated at home. Being able to update the Alternate’s firmware allows Vivant to add additional features at any time. The current firmware version is 1.02, which introduces the ability to raise the auto-shutoff time up to 5 minutes – a…

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Boundless CFC Vaporizer Teardown PuffItUp PIU

Boundless CFC – All Torn Down

Boundless is known for offering some of the best values in the dry herb vaporizer industry. The CFX, CF and CFV offer features and performance previously limited to vapes costing twice as much or more. Today we’ll be tearing down and inspecting the new Boundless CFC – their sleekest, smallest, and lowest price option to date.…

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vivant alternate portable vaporizer teardown 1

Vivant Alternate – Torn Apart for Science!

The Vivant Alternate portable vaporizer quickly became a shop favorite thanks to thick clouds, great flavor and an easily switchable battery. Today we’re tearing one down to see where the magic happens. Don’t try this at home! First we remove the top screws and take a peek into the Alternate’s heating chamber. The chamber is diffused…

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boundless cfv tear down main

Boundless CFV – The Tear Down

It’s tear down time again! Today we’re taking apart a Boundless CFV convection vaporizer to get a closer look at the internal hardware and figure out how it produces such tasty clouds. Time to break this bad boy open! Here we have the CFV by Boundless in its full unbroken glory, looking peaceful and majestic in its last moments of…

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flowermate swift pro convection portable vaporizer

Flowermate Swift Pro Convection Vaporizer – A Closer Look The more time we spend with the upcoming Flowermate Swift Pro the more we like it. One of the only true 100% convection vaporizers available, the Swift Pro provides amazing flavor and efficiency in a sleek and compact form. Design Overview: The Swift Pro portable vaporizer is 4 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide and weighs…

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Flowermate Sale

The Angry Shouting FlowerMate Sale!

Everyone’s favorite event is finally here again: Debate Night! What’s the best solution for political rage? Vapor! Enjoy these Flowermate discounts and combos to celebrate our (lack of) interest in politics! Flowermate V5.0S The FM V5S is a true classic: amazing battery life and extraction efficiency in a pocket friendly form! We have the Flowermate V5.0S for…

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Focus vape vaporizer bubbler

Our Sneak Preview of the Focus Adventurer

Get ready for an Adventure! Focus is preparing to release their new Adventurer pocket portable and it’s one of the most clever designs we’ve ever seen. The original Focus and Focus Pro are great vapes, giving us high expectations of the Adventurer from the start. The first thing we noticed about the Focus Adventurer is the form:…

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puffitup 7 10 vaporizer sale

7/4 To 7/10, let’s call it the 4-10 sale

Is it a 4th of July sale or a 710 sale? Does it matter? Bring on the deals! We’re starting July with specials on some of the best vapes for oil, dry material or both! These discounts and combos will only be active from 7/4 to 7/10 while supplies last; get yours while you still can!…

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Odin Vaporizer by Bond Vapes

Odin Vaporizer Preview

Vaporizers Vaporizers Vaporizers! Our industry is growing fast. Competition has resulted in better and cheaper vaporizers. As the technology progresses, more manufacturers are popping up with new designs. Our goal as a distributor is to find the best products for our customers. Sometimes we have to look far and wide for new vapes: not this time. The Odin…

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riddick bowe twitter joke

We made Riddick Bowe tell a joke

We bribed former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe to tweet a joke for us. He agreed to tweet anything for $20 so we had to get in on the fun.

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Fake Arizer Solo Vaporizers Are a Thing Now

There’s no nice way of saying it, if a vaporizer is popular then there is probably a knock off out there. A few weeks ago we received an email from a manufacture in China Claiming to have Solos and Ascent Vaporizers:  Hi dear friends how do you do?i have solo davinci ascent vaporizer and more new…

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The Stash Jar That Almost Got Us Banned From Ebay

About a Year ago we put this Cannaline Stash Jar in our eBay store. Out of all the products we sell this one really ruffled eBays feathers and almost got us banned for life. Well, we are giving it another shot because we really like these jars. We are starting off with the clear jar…

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Dr Sanjay Gupta Changes His Opinion on Medical Cannabis

Dr Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical corespondent spent the last few months traveling around the world working a new documentary “Weed.”    Throughout his studies Dr Gupta came to the conclusion that he was wrong about the harm of Cannabis use. In a recent article he wrote We have been terribly and systematically misled for…

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Vaporize while working out? You might be an AthleticEnt

Do you like to pack one before your workout? You are not alone, in fact there is an entire forum for that on reddit. AthleticEnts is a subreddit dedicated to people who work out on their favorite performance enhancer. Check em out, we all know what you are doing in your car before you go…

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Medical Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) Shows Remission in Crohn’s disease

“Shame on his parents”             When i was 16 I wrote an article that was published in Good Housekeeping Magazine about my life as a teenager growing up with Crohn’s disease, and my use of Medical Marijuana to deal with the symptoms. This was about a year before prop 215…

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FaKe Magic Flights, Counterfeits and KnocK Offs

We saw a Magic Flight vaporizer on a popular auction site recently for $59 with free shipping. A price like that sounds almost too good to be true… Well it was. below is a pictorial of an obviously Counterfeit Magic Flight.  This Fake Magic Flight was described as “New 2013 Magic Flight Launch Box” See…

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Paying with BitCoin

More and more people are asking us to accept BitCoin. We couldn’t agree more, an anonymous payment method is just our style. Adding BitCoin to our store is not as easy as it sounds, however we are actively researching third party companies that will work with us and our website platform. We strongly recommend using…

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Pineapples, Reddit Trees, Diablo 3 the box, /r/trees

One of the more entertaining requests we got this week was to draw Diablo 3. We aren’t gamers so we decided to just pass the box around and just have fun with it. We even went far enough to Photo Shop a few Memes just for fun.  Obviously since we don’t play Diablo we decided…

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Our Favorite Vaporizers!

     We just updated our Favorite Vaporizer section to show off some of the coolest vaporizers we have seen this week. Check them out       The new Da Vinci Vaporizer is a very nice Portable Vaporizer that has a nice long battery life and a digital display. The Da vinci is without a…

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Banned from hospitals… Haters gunna hate

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Magic Flight Mod = Awesomeness

This is one of the coolest things we have seen in a while. One of our awesome customers modified her Magic Flight to make a truly custom piece. Here is a pictorial of the proccess We are GREEN with envy.

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Awesome Ent’s are Awesome

Thank you NZ Ent ! We found this awesome pineapple collaboration on Reddit. If you contact us within the next 48 hours ( today is the 14 th ) we will hook you up with some more awesomeness

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Ever wonder what it is like to be a hula hoop? Of corse not

What do Hula Hoops and vaporizers have in common?   EVERYTHING! Ok it has nothing in common with Vaporizers, but this video is stil pretty cool. Enjoy!

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Coffee, our second favorite herb

     Christmas is just a few days away. We want to make sure you get your order in time so we are working around the clock to guarente your order ships as fast as possible. We will also be available through chat/email/phone any time of the day so don’t be afraid to ask us a question…

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PuffItUp @ Night, IOLITE WISPR Photo Shoot

It’s night time at PuffItUp, this is when all the fun stuff happens. Tonight we are working HD photos and video of the New Iolite WISPR. Stay tuned!

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Our friends in France,

     We want to send a warm welcome to La Centrale Vapeur, our friends in Paris France. We have worked with the owners in the past and have always been inspired by their focus on customer service and only selling the best quality vaporizers. 

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PuffItUp Late Night, Brought To You By Our Sponsor…. Coffee

     It’s almost 2am and we are here chatting online with our customers and geting orders ready to ship. Just like every weekday, we are here 24 hours to make sure we can answer any questions. 

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Tuscon Medical

Tuscon Medical is one of our favorite blogs. We love their patient based articles and insight into the mm community. Check them out Here

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Vaporizers on eBay and Amazon

eBay and Amazon are fun places to shop, and some of the deals on vaporizers almost seem too good to be true. There is only one problem, they are too good to be true. Counterfeit and Grey Market vaporizers are a growing problem online and most vaporizer dealers have had enough. -Counterfeit Vapor Genie was…

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Thinking About a New Vaporizer?

We know what you are thinker-ing.  We tried out a few new Vapir No2 combos this week and they have been surprisingly popular. Well if that’s what you want then you got it! We are permanently adding some awesome new Vapir Combos to our Store. 

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Thanks !

We have been working with our friends at Fuck Combustion for almost six thousand years now (give or take).  Recently they created a new section for us vaporizer sellers and right away we have the most comments and most page views (more than double than #2). Here are a few great things being said about…

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Thanks Reddit /Trees !

Thanks to everyone who emailed us and explained what the whole pineapple thing is all about. For the longest time customers have been requesting us to draw pineapples on their packages, just like the horrible one above ( Randy did that one haha )    We always just figured if that’s what customers want, then…

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Y U No Vaporize?

Obviously we need to get out more. Not only are we advertising Vapir Vaporizers with silly internet meme clipart, we are also offering 15% off all Vapir Vaporizers! Each version, the No2, One 5.0 and Oxygen 4.0 are huge sellers and we thought we should thank our awesome customers with this special deal Discount Code…

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That Vaporizer on Comedy Centrals Workaholics

Did you see that vaporizer on Comedy Central the other night? The show is Workaholics and the Vaporizer is the Vaporite Mini Air Digital Forced Air Remote Vaporizer.  Vaporite makes a wide range of vaporizers, some good some bad. The Mini Air Digital Vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers they make. Thanks to Eric, one…

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Thanks Reddit!

After this weekend we will never underestimate the power of Reddit! One small comment about us, and 100+ comments on that comment created one of the busiest days we ever had. A HUGE thank you to the Reddit community for your support.

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The New I Torch Vaporizer Fail

     You know what would be awesome, an Iolite Vaporizer knock off that needs to be plugged in, weighs twice as much, looks terrible, has no replacement parts, and has a built in flash light. That’s right, a built in flash light. What luck, our prayers for this tragic vaporizer Fail have been answered!     …

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We Love Our Customers!

“We Try Very Hard To Surprise And Delight”      It might sound cheesy, but it’s true. We work day and night trying to surprise our customers with a level of service they have never seen before. We are always open to advice if you see something we can do better. 

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We are not going green!

We Are Not Going Green! …….. Because we already are 🙂 Since the day we opened our doors, we have considered our environment with everything we do. We stress zero waste with all our manufactures, but that is not enough. One of the most wasteful things in the world is packaging and transportation. ALL our packaging supplier…

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We love Zephyr Vaporizers and we want you to love them too. The first 10 people who buy the Zephyr Ion and use discount code SantaZeph will get $60 off! Also, you will get free priority shipping!

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VaporBrothers = Awesome!

Built like a tank and guaranteed for life, The VaporBrothers Vaporizer is easily the best wood vaporizer ever made! We plan or adding more Vapor Brothers products soon!

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Why Vaporize

Why Vaporize? Vaporizers have never been more popular.  The new vaporizers are more powerful than any other smoking method and some are so small that they are half the size of standard pipes.  It seems that vaporizing will be the next big thing. More and more people are trying vaporizers at home or in vapor…

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