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Flowermate Sale

The Angry Shouting FlowerMate Sale!

Everyone’s favorite event is finally here again: Debate Night! What’s the best solution for political rage? Vapor! Enjoy these Flowermate discounts and combos to celebrate our (lack of) interest in politics! Flowermate V5.0S The FM V5S is a true classic: amazing battery life and extraction efficiency in a pocket friendly form! We have the Flowermate V5.0S for…

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Focus vape vaporizer bubbler

Our Sneak Preview of the Focus Adventurer

Get ready for an Adventure! Focus is preparing to release their new Adventurer pocket portable and it’s one of the most clever designs we’ve ever seen. The original Focus and Focus Pro are great vapes, giving us high expectations of the Adventurer from the start. The first thing we noticed about the Focus Adventurer is the form:…

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puffitup 7 10 vaporizer sale

7/4 To 7/10, let’s call it the 4-10 sale

Is it a 4th of July sale or a 710 sale? Does it matter? Bring on the deals! We’re starting July with specials on some of the best vapes for oil, dry material or both! These discounts and combos will only be active from 7/4 to 7/10 while supplies last; get yours while you still can!…

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Odin Vaporizer by Bond Vapes

Odin Vaporizer Preview

Vaporizers Vaporizers Vaporizers! Our industry is growing fast. Competition has resulted in better and cheaper vaporizers. As the technology progresses, more manufacturers are popping up with new designs. Our goal as a distributor is to find the best products for our customers. Sometimes we have to look far and wide for new vapes: not this time. The Odin…

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riddick bowe twitter joke

We made Riddick Bowe tell a joke

We bribed former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe to tweet a joke for us. He agreed to tweet anything for $20 so we had to get in on the fun.

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Fake Arizer Solo Vaporizers Are a Thing Now

There’s no nice way of saying it, if a vaporizer is popular then there is probably a knock off out there. A few weeks ago we received an email from a manufacture in China Claiming to have Solos and Ascent Vaporizers:  Hi dear friends how do you do?i have solo davinci ascent vaporizer and more new…

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The Stash Jar That Almost Got Us Banned From Ebay

About a Year ago we put this Cannaline Stash Jar in our eBay store. Out of all the products we sell this one really ruffled eBays feathers and almost got us banned for life. Well, we are giving it another shot because we really like these jars. We are starting off with the clear jar…

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Dr Sanjay Gupta Changes His Opinion on Medical Cannabis

Dr Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical corespondent spent the last few months traveling around the world working a new documentary “Weed.”    Throughout his studies Dr Gupta came to the conclusion that he was wrong about the harm of Cannabis use. In a recent article he wrote We have been terribly and systematically misled for…

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Vaporize while working out? You might be an AthleticEnt

Do you like to pack one before your workout? You are not alone, in fact there is an entire forum for that on reddit. AthleticEnts is a subreddit dedicated to people who work out on their favorite performance enhancer. Check em out, we all know what you are doing in your car before you go…

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Medical Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) Shows Remission in Crohn’s disease

“Shame on his parents”             When i was 16 I wrote an article that was published in Good Housekeeping Magazine about my life as a teenager growing up with Crohn’s disease, and my use of Medical Marijuana to deal with the symptoms. This was about a year before prop 215…

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