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Why We Love Space Case Herb Grinders

     A big part of what we do here at PuffItUp is look for the best products to sell. 5 years ago we discovered the Space Case Grinders. Since then we have considered hundreds of different brands of grinders, many claim to be the best. Some grinders are good, some are great, but no…

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The Ubie Vaporizer, The Little Vaporizer That Could

Keep it simple with the Ubie Vaporizer. The concept is as easy as it gets: – Fill the herb chamber – Put the cap on – Hold a lighter under it – Enjoy! The Ubie is a simple vaporizer, such a basic concept is uncommon. The Vaporizer is completely made out of Glass except for a Vinyl…

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Vaporizing Herbs, Spearmint Leaf Is Back!

We Love our customers, and we always enjoy giving that little something extra to surprise and delight them. It was a tradition for the first few years in our business that every Vaporizer came with a free Organic Herb Sample. Organic herbs are relaxing and always made our customers happy, unfortunately a large company disagreed and we were forced…

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Ok this might be a little obsessive. We decided to add even more Security Measures to our website. We now have authenticated security certificates from 2 independent companies, Volusion and We now also use SecurityMetrics, a private security firm that tests our security practices to ensure all our data is Safe. We take pride…

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The Arizer Solo!

Check it out, The Arizer Solo is half the size of the vapir No2 and is built better than any Portable Battery Vaporizer we have seen. WINNING!

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Vapor Brothers are Back!

By Popular Demand, The Vapor Brother Vaporizers Are Back! We sold Vapor Brothers vaporizers for only a month around Christmas time last year. Since then our mail box has been filled up with people asking when the Vapor Brothers will be back. Well, you demanded it and you got it! We will be adding all versions…

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We Just Added A Bunch Of New Hot Box Vapor Vaporizer Accessories

Check them out!  We Got plenty more stuff on the way (:

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The New Magic Flight Launch Box!!! Again!!!

It’s no secret we love the Magic Flight. Simply put, it is one of the best vaporizers ever made. That is why after extensive testing (heh) we have added many new extras to our magic flight webpage. We have been testing some great new Magic Flight products for the last few days and these are…

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Win a free Vape-Or-Smoke!

Want to win a free Vape-Or-Smoke Vaporizer? Head on over to and enter our 4/20 contest 🙂

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