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Flowermate mini pro vaporizer teardown

FlowerMate Mini Pro Teardown

 FlowerMate Mini Pro Tear Down No surprise the new FlowerMate Mini Pro has been extremely popular since its release earlier this year. The overall design is fantastic, the Mini Pro is smaller than the Pax but with a longer battery life and digital display. We received a lot of questions about the internals, specifically the…

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dr dabber aura vaporizer

Dr. Dabber AURORA Pen – The Latest and Greatest?

Dr. Dabber has become known as one of the most trusted and popular names in the concentrate vape market. The Dr. Dabber Ghost, Dr. Dabber Light and more recently the Dr. Dabber Boost E-Rig have all proven to be high-quality choices. When we heard about a new Dr. Dabber pen design with improved atomizers and magnetic connections we couldn’t…

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flowermate v5s x mini x vaporixer new main

The FlowerMate v5.0sx and v5.0sx Mini: Another Sneak Peek

Here is a first look at the upcoming FlowerMate X series vaporizers: The new V5.0sX and V5.0sX Mini are in the very beginning of the design stage and already show a lot of promise. Not many details of these models are available yet, but this is how the FlowerMate X’s currently operate: Press the button 5 times to turn…

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flowermate mini pro vaporizer main

FlowerMate V5.0S Mini Pro, a Sneak Peek

The internet is buzzing about the new Flowermate Mini PRO vaporizer. The Mini PRO is set to bring the V5 Mini design to the next level, offering increased precision, accuracy and control based on user preference. The first batch is expected to arrive early March 2016.   Operation of the Mini PRO is similar to the original Mini, however, it has a new digital…

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Flowermate Aura Torn Apart

The FlowerMate AURA Torn Apart :-D

The Aura Flowermate has been hard at work making new and improved vaporizers. Recently, FlowerMate updated the v5 lineup to increase the airflow and improve vapor production. FlowerMate continues to roll out high quality, low cost vaporizers. Their most recent invention is the FlowerMate Aura. The Aura is a small portable with surprisingly good vapor production…

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Whats New Flowermate Blog Post

Improved AirFlow and other things Flowermate

AirFlow Airflow has always been a hot topic among the FlowerMate community. It is all too common that users try to mod their vapes by drilling holes into the chamber in hope of improving Airflow; this is a good way to break your vape and void the warranty. Flowermate engineers paid close attention to these types of…

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Jyarz #GeenFriday Sale

Yeaaaaa, the best container ever made. Jyarz original is now only $9.99 with code JZ   Click here to get your Jyarz Container

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flowermate v3 air vaporizer dismantled

The FlowerMate V3 Air Vaporizer Breakdown

FlowerMate v3 The New Flowermate V3 Air Vaporizer just arrived and it has everyone talking. We like to know what a vaporizer is made out of, so we ripped one apart to get a better look. The FlowerMate is not meant to be disassembled; we had to cut this one open and destroy the unit…

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Fake Mighty Vaporizers, we Bought One

Fake Mighty Vaporizer  The Mighty and Crafty vaporizers have been crazy popular. Storz & Bickel is known for making the highest of high end vaporizers and once again they did not disappoint. Unfortunately, as with all success, there are imitators. This fake Mighty Vaporizer was purchased from eBay; they are also available on other sites…

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