Reddit /Trees Pineapple Club

You would think after drawing a million pineapples we would get better at it….. Nope  Thanks Reddit, you guys are always Entertaining (:

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Magic Flight Batteries

As many of you know, PuffItUp is one of the first distributors of the Magic Flight Vaporizer. Throughout the years we have seen Magic Flight make a lot of great changes to their products. One part that always remained the same has been the batteries. Magic flight comes with a a pair of mAh NiMH Rechargeable…

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Get your magic flight Tomorrow With Overnight Shipping!

Why wait for your Magic Flight? Click the image above to see how you can get the New Version of the MFLB in less than 24 hours!

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Ok this might be a little obsessive. We decided to add even more Security Measures to our website. We now have authenticated security certificates from 2 independent companies, Volusion and We now also use SecurityMetrics, a private security firm that tests our security practices to ensure all our data is Safe. We take pride…

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New Vapir no2 combos!

Were spicing things up on eBay with some new Vapir NO2 check out our first one Here. We will be adding a bunch of different combos on eBay and the most popular will be added to our website

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Thanks !

We have been working with our friends at Fuck Combustion for almost six thousand years now (give or take).  Recently they created a new section for us vaporizer sellers and right away we have the most comments and most page views (more than double than #2). Here are a few great things being said about…

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New Magic Flight Launch Box With The Locking Lid

The Best Vaporizer Just Got Better! Get Your New Magic Flight Here!

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Thanks Reddit /Trees !

Thanks to everyone who emailed us and explained what the whole pineapple thing is all about. For the longest time customers have been requesting us to draw pineapples on their packages, just like the horrible one above ( Randy did that one haha )    We always just figured if that’s what customers want, then…

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The Arizer Solo!

Check it out, The Arizer Solo is half the size of the vapir No2 and is built better than any Portable Battery Vaporizer we have seen. WINNING!

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