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Banned from¬†hospitals… Haters gunna hate

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Magic Flights are Back!

Magic Flights are Back in stock! Big thanks to all the Ent’s on /r/trees for  for your awesome support!

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Out of Magic Flights, Tom Brady is Disappointed

The new version of the Magic Flight has been surprisingly popular. We expect more back in stock on the 23’rd, hopefully sooner. That’s the bad news, heres the good news When the Magic Flights are back in stock we will have all new combos!  That’s all we are saying for now, we already have the best combos…

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New toys for the Magic Flight, the MFLB just got awesomer

Heres a little spoiler of what we are working on. We just changed our Magic Flight Vaporizer case to the Vatra soft case. The new case is MUCH better than any other case we have seen (:

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