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Haze 2.5 with a little water

Check out our FC friend¬†Slow Draw¬†hitting the Haze Vaporizer through a water pipe. If you want these clouds you need to grab one of the Ed’s TNT Adapters. This is the haze in a nutshell, a very small vaporizer with giant vapor clouds. Gotta love that!

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New Magic Flight Packaging!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Magic-Flight just changed the Launch Box Packaging. This box is as environmentally friendly as it gets, everything is Recyclable. Magic Flight sourced clear onion based plastics for the window that are 100% biodegradable, all the inks are soy based and chemical Free.  The packaging just came out, so far it is only available in the…

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The indica V2 Vaporizer

      More about the Indica V2 Vaporizer Here

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